Fruit Fly Research Verifies Creationism

Remember during the 2008 run for the White House, John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin’s comments about fruit fly research? Let me refresh some of your memories or fill the ones if you haven’t heard.

Over major concerned for an ever increasing US deficit being produced by the United States government, Sarah Palin was advocating priories for spending (eliminating earmarks) which would promote some cutbacks in government expenses as well as future ones while focus on spending the money where it was most needed. And one example was mentioned by her that can under enormous criticism by the liberal media outlets and others and that of course was about fruit fly research in France.

“She doesn’t understand science, she is a creationist” one atheist blogger wrote about her comment about fruit fly research. I understood where she was coming from, because government needs to get spending under control. But I didn’t totally agree with her about fruit fly research, it has value, and now it appears it has turned up some exciting news as reported in ICR…

“The journal Nature Reviews Genetics reported that the scientists who conducted the study found that fruit fly DNA is organized into “241 modules, with each module consisting of a separate cluster of highly interconnected genes.”

These modules fit exactly within a promising model of genetic organization called “facilitated variation,” and they clearly show that genes are well-organized in expressed clusters. In fact, specific DNA sections seem to be laid out so that they can be mixed and matched between each generation.

This constitutes a mechanism for rapid changes to occur within the created fruit fly kind. The researchers had not expected to find “a much greater degree of genetic variation than had been uncovered by previous studies.”

This observation is another failed prediction by the hypothesis of evolution which states mutations cause very slow changes within the species and many secularists have to confine their beliefs or assumptions within this framework because there is no other in the realm of naturalism. We as Christians believe in God who is a very advanced being in intellect, so we are not surprised to observe a fruit fly which was made by Him, having an enormous scope of precise organization and variation within it’s genes.


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