Is The Theory Of Evolution Based On Faith?

Richard Dawkins once wrote in The Blind Watchmaker, “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.”  Dawkins statement really reminds me of Roman Catholicism which teaches one can read the Bible, but only the ‘church’ can interpret it’s meaning.

It’s the same with Dawkins here, what we see in nature gives the appearance of designed and purpose, but according to him, we are not to trust what we see, rather how proponents of evolution interpets it. But as Christians, the reason why nature looks designed with a purpose, because it was designed with a purpose.

The estimation by evolutionists concerning the first stone blades date back some 40,000 years ago then it had to be revised to 200,000 as more was found in the lower strata. Now Kenyan blades were recently discovered, and these stone blades interesting enough were estimated within the framework of evolution as being 500,000 years old!

Kenyan blades

Evolutionary anthropologists have a tough task ahead of them concerning more revising of their interpretation of how the earth was created with this new evidence!  The problem lays with the belief that humans emerged from an ape-like ancestor some 200,000 years ago and now are very surprised to find so-called pre-humans who were supposedly 300,000 years younger were able to make knifes.

However, the new discovery is great news for Christians all over the world, because it verifies the creationist model which makes no such claim pre-humans to humans. Man according to the creationist model, was created fully human therefore the discovery of the stone blades made by ancient man deemed to be from very early on in earth’s history (not 500,000 years when it was assumed by evolutionists that man didn’t know how to ride a horse till many tens of thousands of years later) proves this fact.

One of the most vetted experiments for over the past 50 years which has come up empty but yet still believed, is non-living matter to living organisms. This is contrary to the scientific principle of entropy.

Another aspect we see, but yet supposed to deny our observation based on evolution, is people reproduce people, animals reproducing after their own kind. But the evolutionist interpretation says mutation over millions of years create new species. Mutations are limited, they gain information by other organisms or  loose information to gain some sort advantage one dimensionally while loosing an advantaged it previously had when it didn’t mutate. So the cell which didn’t mutate has more functions over the one that mutated.

Evolutionists abandon the scientific principle of entropy for a leap in faith!

4 thoughts on “Is The Theory Of Evolution Based On Faith?

  1. “However, the new discovery is great news for Christians all over the world, because it verifies the creationist model which makes no such claim pre-humans to humans.”

    There is no Creationist “model”. There are no testable, falsifiable hypotheses that Creationists have ever advanced. There is no Creationist science. There is only Creationist assertions, based on a book written by human beings 2,000 years ago, humans who had no concept of science, evolution, or rational thinking.

    And you proudly carry on the tradition.

    Perhaps this will help you wake up:

  2. b.j.

    You can’t be a conspiracy theorist of 9/11 or Peril Harbor for that matter which my high school teacher believed in such a conspiracy happening during that period of time as well. The purpose of that blog is to insult people’s intelligence of those who you disagree with in this case those who are creationists like myself. There is no scientific foundation for such a conspiracy like there is none for evolution!

  3. No one is immune from ridicule when practicing denial.

    Keep that in mind as you misrepresent evolutionary biology to promote your own ideology. And we all know that’s exactly what you are doing.

    Remember, you cannot scientifically demonstrate the existence of any god and it is false and dishonest of you to misuse and abuse the scientific method in an attempt to “prove” your own religious beliefs.

    In the end, you only shame the God to profess to believe in.

  4. I think evolution has failed in more ways than one for example, Darwin’s tree with genome evidence…

    “Phylogenetic reconstruction using the complete genome sequence not only failed to recover the correct evolutionary history because of these convergent changes, but the true history was rejected as being a significantly inferior fit to the data.”

    Just because you believe you can prove something because it’s a naturalistic idea, doesn’t mean you can. Currently horizontal gene transfer is being studied for proof and understanding of evolution.

    “Both genomes have been stripped of unnecessary baggage for their simple marine lifestyle. Two alga species sequenced earlier are the “reining [sic] champions of eukaryotic cellular miniaturization,” Archibald said. The two genomes are also stripped down, but less so than Ostreococcus.” If there was any evolution, it did not involve new tools which is what one looks for in order to say evolution is really happening.” Less information doesn’t prove evolution nor does understanding less information helpful in trying to prove it’s function, if it was true but it’s not. “Pre-existing toolkits, shared information, stripped-down genomes, supposedly ancient organisms doing just fine in real time: where is the evolution?”

    It certainly hasn’t been found in horizontal gene transfer but you have faith it’s there or has to be proven eventually because it’s evolution, right? Is science a religion to you? If science tells you anything, would believe in it, or would you do it? Science has it’s limitations like historical science where it’s not observable nor testable. Science has no ability to test or observe the supernatural directly, just like macro-evolution is not observed only we see variants within the species. So indirect evidence is needed, and is there for creationism.

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