Skeptic Michael Shermer and Strange Evolutionary Ideas

An interesting lecture was held a few days ago by Shermer called; “Why Darwin Matters” which also caught the eye of one ID proponent, Dr Caroline Crocker who was featured in the movie “Expelled.” Not surprisingly, Shermer was advocating science as a tool which ought to be used in terms of believing in evolution while dispelling Christianity and religion in general. Dr. Caroline Crocker who attended the lecture quotes Shermer on what he defines as science…

“Looking for natural explanations for natural phenomena and said that his purpose was to “debunk the junk and expose sloppy thinking.” He also states about religion as being; “anthropocentrically absurd” and then suggests almost like those in the New Age Movement and other cults about reaching a higher form of spirituality,  “we need to “climb to a higher plane of humanity and humility” and embrace “sciensuality”

Evolution is made up of many risky predictions (often times are falsified), and story telling. For example, Shermer admits the Universe is finely tuned which enables our existence, but takes this observation to what he calls a “higher plane of humanity” by explaining his faith in parallel universes in order explain the source of how our Universe was finely tuned even though there is not one shred of evidence for it. I kid you not, this isn’t a romantic science fiction narrative but actually a proponent of the no God exists crowd who believes in strange story telling.

Shermer claims the intelligent design movement is part of creationism, then he argues ID would be rejected on the premise that scientists would not get an answer to the question as some from his neck of the woods have asked me from the past as well and that question is, “who created God or what created the intelligent agents?” And since this is supposedly the case, Shermer believes the God of the Bible couldn’t exist otherwise one could explain how God was created. Again, this sounds like something coming from heathenism because pagans believe their gods were created while Christians believe God always existed meaning no beginning and no end, eternal. It’s also an attempt to try and counter criticism of many strange ideas which are not explainable coming from the belief in evolution.

Now if I was doing an interview with Michael Shermer, two of the questions I would ask him would be, how could you believe in many other universes than our own when one cannot answer where those phenomenas came from? And then I would ask, “what created natural selection in the first place?”

Another example of so-called climbing the plane of humanity was reported in science daily

“The researchers have taught a computer to find regularities in the natural world that become established laws – yet without any prior scientific knowledge on the part of the computer. They have tested their method, or algorithm, on simple mechanical systems and believe it could be applied to more complex systems ranging from biology to cosmology and be useful in analyzing the mountains of data generated by modern experiments that use electronic data collection.”

Material particles like computers do not comprehend natural laws, nor can these computers build any sort of viable system on it’s own. This is intelligent selection, not natural selection which is an unthinking process that is not “programmed” by human intelligence, yet they mistakely called it Evolved Machines. Such strange evolutionary ideas from those who do not believe in God!


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