The Amazingly Well Designed Sea Urchin

Not many average people know the Sea Urchin has a tooth which is known to be an exceptional grinding tool. Through the years like in back in 1997, the tooth of Sea Urchins have been studied pretty closely, in this latest examination of  this pretty remarkable animal is not only to understand it better but to “harness mechanisms” built into animal.

UW-Madison physicist Pupa Gilbert, who worked with various colleagues from  Weizmann Institute of Science, Berkeley and the National Laboratory at Lawrence Berkeley. They used photoelectron emission spectromicroscopy which is a high resolution tool. Also, the X-ray microdiffraction, and NanoSIMS were used as well to get a superb look at the tooth.

The University of Wisconsin revealed the results from this remarkable array of tools…

“The mature sea urchin tooth possesses incredible structural and compositional complexity.  Here, we show the presence of crystalline blocks composed of 3 different coaligned elements: needles, plates, and polycrystalline matrix.”

“We also show that the tip, and presumably the whole tooth, is composed essentially of 2 such coaligned blocks that differ in their orientations by [less than] 6°.  The blocks are also interdigitated in the tip.  Furthermore, the Mg concentrations increase toward the center of the tooth tip.”

“We propose that all of these features contribute to the grinding capability of the tooth.  A deep understanding of the structural design features of the tooth tip sheds light on the manner in which one crystalline phase, calcite, can be tailored to fulfill grinding and self-sharpening functions that enable the tooth to be used to grind holes into a substrate that is also composed only of calcite.”

“Much can be learned from the sea urchin tooth that can be applied to the development of improved grinding and cutting tools.”

What I find very interesting and refreshing, there is no mention of trying to evolution into the mix when it comes to studying the Sea Urchin. This is what I call science in a neutral capacity which doesn’t try to undermine Christianity while helping to advance mankind in the process. The study is actually focused on technology rather than evolution.

As creationists, we marvel at studies like these (and hope they will continue) that shows us the remarkable design (not by evolution) which many other animals have as well. We know for a fact that true science verifies the Bible, the design then of course comes from God!


One thought on “The Amazingly Well Designed Sea Urchin

  1. Why do you expect comments on evolution in a physics paper? I am pretty sure, would you ask any of the researchers, all are convinced that this complex structure is the results of millions of years of evolution. But from a materials point of view the understanding of the structure is the most important thing.

    by the way, in this context ‘design’ does not need a designer. It is just an easy way to describe the the structure that gives the material it’s properties.

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