News and Views On Evolution’s Ever Growing Base of Stories

Evidence of catastrophe with a massive reduction in human population. Sounds like Noah’s flood because the geologic record is filled with such an event. In the Darwinian world of story telling, a global flood could only have happened on Mars, not on Earth so we see a vast array of proposals to explain the “extinction events.

Evolutionist Ludwig Weißflog as reported in Science Daily, claims the evidence of catastrophe lays in giant salt lakes instead of massive volcanic eruptions, or the impacts of asteroids which is one of the more popular explanations for other events, or even methane hydrate. These so-called giant lakes were able to destroy the atmosphere by emitting halogenated gases that altered it, thus eliminating most of the plant life on earth.

Noah’s flood encompassed the whole earth for an entire year, this is the best explanation of why we see worldwide layers of sediment being housed in the fossil record and why we find animal fossils in strange places where they normally didn’t dwell.

-Prebiotic Compounds

Switch gears from life on earth to supposed life in outer space. For years scientists have been looking for suitable ingredients which would lead them to believe how life came about. Astrophysicists Guillermo Muñoz and Emmanuel Dartois made an interesting discovery, they found an “infrared absorption band” which might lead scientists to believe there are amino acids in space.

The fuzzy part of this discovery or claim, they tried to recreate an event which resulted in a  “yellowish substance.” It had elements of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and so on.  Here is the fuzzy part of the conclusion concerning the experiment, what scientists created in the lab, they did not observe in space and it certainly didn’t turn into anything that was a living organism. There is clearly a tremendous gap between what evolutionists labeled as “prebiotic compounds” and life itself.

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