Creative Defense: A Teen’s View On Creationism & Evolution

In the mist of a busy school year, this young man who has been growing up in a Christian home and has been home schooled all his life, he writes an intriguing book review on creation science. More will be forthcoming because currently he is attending to other studies such as physics, and in English literature he’s reading; The Scarlet Letter.

Here is his first little book review on Creative Defense by Nicholas Comninellis, M.D…His name is going to be withheld because he is under 18 years of age.

One of the most fascinating debates of our time is evolution versus creationism. The book “Creative Defense” does a superior job of covering all of the key points of the debate. I will report on what I feel are some of the best arguments of the book.

First is Noah’s flood. Now, unless you are completely oblivious to religion in its entirety, you will know that Noah’s flood is a flood that encompassed the entire earth with so much water that it covered the tip of the highest mountain top.

Noah was chosen by God to continue with the human race so he built a very large boat and…you know the rest. Some might say that it is impossible for that much rain to fall in such a short period and from our viewpoint, it is. But let’s go back a few thousand years and look at the condition of the earth’s atmosphere.

The earth had an incredibly dense atmosphere at this point. This explains the ridiculous life spans of humans and animals (up to 600 years).  Not only did it rain for 40 days and 40 nights but it also came out of the earth’s underground reservoirs. So….all this rain and water must have left some mark that it was there right? Well there is. We have found seashells on mountains and trees in our oceans. There have even been pictures of what we think could be the ark.

Fossils tie right in with the flood so let’s start by looking at how fossils are formed. A fossil can only form if you have extreme pressure and little to no air.  Both of those conditions must happen very fast.

Hmm….now where can we find incredible pressure and low oxygen? The answer is the bottom of the ocean. There we have 2 of the 3 conditions we need to form a fossil. The last I checked, the oceans have been pretty stationary recently.

I wonder where we could find incredible masses of water coming down on things and instantly covering them with tons of debris and water…maybe if a huge flood happened that could have formed fossils. Look at that. We wouldn’t have nearly as many fossils if it wasn’t for a world flood at some point.

Evolutionists always talk about the “missing link” that will prove their theory. Fact is fact, we have not found a missing link and we never will. The reason for this is that they don’t exist.

If we have been evolving for billions of years wouldn’t we have hundreds and hundreds of transitional stages of life? We would have half men half apes galore, not to mention all the other animals and their stages.  There would be such overwhelming evidence for evolution that it would be stupid not to believe it. But there isn’t.

You can even look at what makes us. Look at our DNA and cell structures. Evolution says that it is totally random. You would have better chances of building a B2 stealth bomber with a blindfold on. The human genome is almost infinitely complex. If you can look at DNA and say “random” you are the perfect evolutionist. The book makes it obvious that it was crafted, because it was.

Cell structures would have had to be crafted as well. Every part of our cells do exactly what they are supposed to. Of course they can be damaged but that’s expected. If these cells mutated in just one bad way in the course of evolution we would become extinct. The book makes it clear on multiple occasions that the chances of this turning out well are miniscule. Could a rationale human being really have that much faith in chance?

This book is good at what it does. It’s straightforward and it lays out all of the facts in a simple to understand format. It answers many questions concerning the evolution against creationism debate.


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