Science Showing Mutations Are More Harmful

This year, more and more science studies has revealed, mutations are more harmful. For example, Sanger Institute reports…

“The mutation, a deletion of 25 letters of genetic code from the heart protein gene MYBPC3, is virtually restricted to people from the Indian subcontinent. But there, Caste and Tribe, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and others are all united by this affliction.”

“The mutation was discovered five years ago in two Indian families with cardiomyopathy, but its significance only became apparent after almost 1500 people from many parts of India, some with heart disease and some without, were studied.”

It doesn’t take much at all for mutations to have a negative effect, here in this study only one mutation, yes, just one mutation is needed for a person to obtain heart disease. Animals are another important part in researching mutations and disease. Interesting enough a mutation in a rat  enabled the animal to resist poison, however it is also believed, that same mutation causes bone disease in the animal.

“Evolutionary biologist Michael Kohn and his team reports they have found that common rats with a genetic mutation have developed a resistance to rat poison, aka warfarin. That’s good news for the rats, but it comes at a price. The mutation also leaves them susceptible to arterial calcification and, potentially, osteoporosis.”

Creationists have been saying for years (see video), a benefit that a mutation might obtain either by a loss of information, or by taking information from a pre-existing organism but there is a price to pay for what a mutation does when it’s not neutral.

In American Journal of Human Genetics, they reported this year a mutation being able to cause brain disease.

“Researchers investigated cases where otherwise healthy children developed ANE soon after contracting common childhood infections like influenza A or parainfluenza. The study showed the children had mutations of the RANBP2 gene, which has multiple jobs in the cell.”

“Other members of the children’s families, which had histories of familial or recurrent ANE, also carried the same mutation, said lead investigator Derek E. Neilson, MD, a physician / researcher in the Division of Human Genetics at Cincinnati Children’s.”

Mutations have been linked to many other diseases from the past as well what we see already at the beginning of this year. Scientists continue to find more destructive abilities of these mutations. The progress of the evidence clearly is showing more and more of a negative impact. This agrees with the creationist model by far than it does with the evolutionary model which in 1941 developed the hypothesis concerning mutations supposedly creating brand new information for new features on animals.

Don’t get me wrong, understanding mutations is still important apect to understand in the medical field as bacteria is able to become resisted to medications and also inventing new medications to fight the bacteria. The smallest animal on earth is the toughest! It’s true the overall number of mutations are neutral, some may benefit but not with brand new information while the rest of them it doesn’t take a whole lot of mutating to cause major diseases. It’s errors are either disabling or deadly. This is why we look for cures of diseases in stem cell research more so than we do in mutations in general!

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