Crystals An Important Symbol To Evolution and New Agers

In the free flowing New Age Movement which has roots in the occult, crystals are viewed as holding great energy. New Agers claim this energy from the crystals are limitless in it’s applications. Science fiction movies have used this belief, and often times portray crystals as harnessing great energy for either a huge bomb in a small package or operating a spacecraft at impossible speeds.

In it’s “limitless applications” evolutionary scientists have also embraced crystals. In, it’s states the following…

“One of the greatest mysteries about the origin of life is how the necessary ingredients consistently came together in a workable way. On a planet full of raw chemical materials, what happy accident of nature led to the first tiny glimmer of life? To Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith, that glimmer may owe something to the sparkle of a crystal.”

Amazing, the story relating to the miracle of evolution, how out of chaos, an unthinking process was able to not just do it once, but brought together the “necessary ingredients” pretty consistently. Sounds like an impressive story but it’s not factual. Also, crystal structures are very much different than DNA structures. The pattern of the non-living world as we observe it, is not the same as the living world.

Crystals are repetitive, but DNA is not repetitive. Unlike Crystals, DNA has a language all of it’s own which it uses to replicate. Comparing DNA replication to crystal replication is like comparing night to day. There is no similarity whatsoever. DNA has specified complexity which is vitally needed in order for it to operate in a very precise way, otherwise the DNA cell ceases to exist. Even though evolutionists agree with such an observation, they still try making the connection by comparing both crystals and DNA replication.

“If Cairns-Smith’s theory is correct,” Leslie Mullen ended, “then the spark of life may be shimmering on crystal surfaces throughout the universe.”

Crystals and it’s unlimited application in the occult, we are now seeing it being used to try and solve the origins question in Astrobiology. It’s interesting to note, uses the term “theory” incorrectly. It’s really an hypothesis which means in this case…

“A supposition; a proposition or principle which is supposed or taken for granted, in order to draw a conclusion or inference for proof of the point in question; something not proved, but assumed for the purpose of argument…”

There is no data to suggest crystals have the power or granted the power to produce life from non-living material. It’s nowhere near the same as DNA or even RNA. It’s all in man’s vain imagination that enables those who deny God, to believe in such unproven data!


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