Evolution is Not Merely A ‘Science’ Says Jerry Coyne

Many evolutionists both religious and non-religious in the past have argued that Darwinism is neutral towards Christianity but when in fact evolution goes beyond just science…In an book review, Seeing and Believing Jerry Coyne who is professor at the University of Chicago makes the following admission…

“Now I am not claiming that all faith is incompatible with science and secular reason–only those faiths whose claims about the nature of the universe flatly contradict scientific observations.”

“Pantheism and some forms of Buddhism seem to pass the test. But the vast majority of the faithful–those 90 percent of Americans who believe in a personal God, most Muslims, Jews, and Hindus, and adherents to hundreds of other faiths–fall into the “incompatible” category.”

It is interesting to note, creationists for many years have been arguing these same points. Empirical science has it’s limitations as it doesn’t have the ability to prove or to disprove as precise as a 100 percent, the supernatural.

How can anyone say, “In the beginning God created…” doesn’t really mean God but hydrogen then go on to claim it’s compatible with religion? The very reason why evolutionary scientists advocate harmony between evolution and Christianity is “money.”  Jerry Coyne says in no uncertain terms…

“We want our grants funded by the government, and our schoolchildren exposed to real science instead of creationism. Liberal religious people have been important allies in our struggle against creationism, and it is not pleasant to alienate them by declaring how we feel.”

“This is why, as a tactical matter, groups such as the National Academy of Sciences claim that religion and science do not conflict. But their main evidence—the existence of religious scientists—is wearing thin as scientists grow ever more vociferous about their lack of faith.”

I have seen this admission coming from others besides Jerry Coyne. Militant atheists allying themselves with liberals for the purpose of using them to gain funds to teach children anti-Christian dogma from the vast majority of a religious crowd.

Jerry Coyne says; “This disharmony is a dirty little secret in scientific circles. It is in our personal and professional interest to proclaim that science and religion are perfectly harmonious.”

So in other words for the love of money scientists must lie to the religious crowd and Christians at large to make them willing enough to allow their tax money to be used in promoting something they really don’t believe in or just goes against their religion in general!

I wonder if someone is going boycott Jerry Coyne for giving out the “dirty little secret” which makes many in the evolutionist circles look like a bunch of liars. Currently he is calling for the boycott of a very pro-evolutionist publication known as; New Scientist because they will not retract a title which says, Darwin Was Wrong!  It’s a no-no in militant evolutionary circles to say such things in public. Normally, it’s science progressing, not that Darwin was wrong about something…lol…Yea right, Jerry who are you kidding?

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