Unique Octopus Fossils Found Helps The Creationist Model

Good news, five well preserved fossils of an ancient octopus were found in Lebanon. Octopuses are traditionally hard to fossilize because it’s body structure disintegrates very quickly. More than likely those five fossils happened to form very rapidly during Noah’s Flood about 4,500 years ago. However, evolutionary scientists claim these fossils are ninety-five million years which pushes back a previous speculative date of theirs. No modern fossils of the variants of an octopus have ever been found.

What is most interesting of this discovery, the five fossils show an ancient octopus  doesn’t look much different than a modern octopus does today which has surprised some evolutionists but is very good news for creationism.


The finding obviously doesn’t make gradualism look so scientific but needs a lot of vain imagination to explain this latest discovery. Did natural selection somehow decide (even though the mechanism cannot think) to stop optimizing the octopus for ninety-five million years because it was already well adapted to it’s surroundings?

A blind watchmaker without intelligence or a functional brain to think with doesn’t have the ability to create brand new information which in turn creates complex creatures, nor does it have the ability to know when a creature is fully adapted to it’s surroundings where it just stops optimizing for long periods of time in this case many million of years!

Another example of this, was the oldest spider’s web found by two brothers on a beach in the UK…Evolutionary scientists date the ancient spider’s web about 140 million years old! What is interesting here, the spinner had all the necessary chemicals for weaving a complex web. Did natural selection once again supposedly stop optimizing for 140 million years the spider’s spinner because it was well adapted?

The fact of the manner is, the abrupt appearance of these complex and well adapted creatures in the fossil record with no real transitional forms like the fossils themselves (not a small list of interpretations) confirm the creationist model.

2 thoughts on “Unique Octopus Fossils Found Helps The Creationist Model

  1. I keep on being amazed how you can say these findings ‘confirm the creationist model’ …

    They are many millions of years old, and of course evolution does not imply constant, gradual change. Things can stay roughly the same when conditions do not change !
    Hard to read of smaller changes from such fossils …

    And the transitional forms argument is such an old one, and has been rebutted so many times ….

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