Problematic DaveScott Is No Longer with Uncommon Descent

After a few years of a love/hate relationship with one of the major players in the intelligent design movement namely Uncommon Descent, DaveScott was finally banned from being a contributor on the blog.  His alienation style in which he used quite often, was not only directed at Darwinists, but Creationists as well for example on Jan 05, 2009, he stated the following in his post called; “ID Debate Opposing Views“.

“ID doesn’t try to find material evidence for and explanations of things like a global flood, a young earth, the parting of the Red Sea, people turning into pillars of salt, or any of that stuff….Anyhow, all this is evident in the debate. You see our side (*he means intelligent design only) is all about math, science, logic, and reason.

Now it’s most certainly true the intelligent design movement doesn’t look for material evidence for explanations pertaining to the age of the earth, or a global flood as it generally accepts the evolutionary viewpoint as fact when it comes to those items.

But then Dave decided to go out of his way and alienate creationists by implying we are looking for material explanations on how people can turn into pillars of salt which is not true therefore according to DaveScott we are not using science and on the other hand he claims his side is all about science, math, logic and so on.

Now I realize DaveScott is an agnostic who rejects Christianity and theism in general which explains his jabbing at YEC. He was one of the examples of  the intelligent design movement showing it’s intention of being not strictly geared for as an organization motivated by Christians or religious people but open to all groups of people from different persuasions.

So now DaveScott is now a former representative of the intelligent design movement, apparently he has been banned due to a conflict of interest on the racism issue with contributors of Uncommon Descent only because these same contributors are held to a higher standard according to the reason given for him being banned in the first place. I”m not surprised this has happened after reviewing DaveScott’s history with the blog.

4 thoughts on “Problematic DaveScott Is No Longer with Uncommon Descent

  1. Oh damn, DaveScot is gone. It sucks to be the admin right now at UD, without DS, UD is going to get sucked in a black hole of Darwinian mysticism.

  2. DaveScot was hands down the best poster on UD and the best on the internet. And no way UD is as good without him.

    Although I disagree with DaveScot on a lot of theological issues, So what? The guy rocks.

    I wish he would start his own blog. If he does, I am there.


  3. It appears Dave Scott is more like a musician to you…lol…DaveScott’s theological issues took aim with side swipes at creationists in his posts. I believe Dave is a writer and feels passionate in what he does, so most likely if he hasn’t already would start his own blog. I would be very surprised if he did not.

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