Richard Dawkins Visit To Oklahoma Draws Controversy

Apparently, Dawkins who is known to be a proselytizer for atheism (militant atheist) had come under fire by the legislator in Oklahoma which condemn him in writing and urged the University to disinvite him.


A Resolution expressing disapproval of the actions of the University of Oklahoma to indoctrinate students in the theory of evolution; opposing the invitation to Richard Dawkins to speak on campus; and directing distribution.

WHEREAS, the University of Oklahoma is a publicly funded institution which should be open to all ideas and should train students in all disciplines of study and research and to use independent thinking and free inquiry, not indoctrinate students in one-sided study and thinking; and…”

This sounds a lot like the “fairness doctrine” for conservative talk radio, which I oppose. If all ideas are welcomed, then having a biased idea like Richard Dawkins has, the Oklahoma legislator went a bit too far with their condemnation of him. One has to realize, that many voters in Oklahoma do not agree with Dawkins, while many others don’t know who he even is or what he stands for. Since this is the case, the legislator in Oklahoma wanted to distance itself and not look like the government was endorsing his proselytizing for atheism. Here was Dawkins response to Resolution 1014

The Oklahoma legislator who most likely didn’t realize their actions could in fact hurt Christians freedom of speech. Certainly, Christianity is one-sided, proclaiming Christ is the only way, the truth and the life but does tolerate different viewpoints where it doesn’t use the government to outlaw certain viewpoints from other peaceful religions or non-religions.

In such places like South Africa which is under communist rule, it’s against the law to preach Christ is the only way. So if a Creationist was somehow invited to the University of Oklahoma (and there would be objections from liberals over this, because of the science issue) and is one-sided, this would in fact violate what was in Resolution 1014 even though it was directed at Dawkins, it could certainly be directed at other opinions as well.

I may disagree on many issues with Richard Dawkins, but certainly believe he does have every right to be speaking at the University where he was invited even though he is one-sided about his beliefs.


3 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins Visit To Oklahoma Draws Controversy

  1. Good to hear you oppose censorship, Michael !
    But I do not think Dawkins has ‘one-sides views’: he simply has ‘views’, like every human being. Still, I agree with what you are saying.

    Shame you put in this bit about communism in South-Africa: if you would have said North-Korea, then yes, but South-Africa … I don’t think so. There is a lot wrong there, obviously, but why calling it communism …

  2. Well, it looks like we agree on something, the censorship issue.

    As far as South Africa, this is a huge subject where there is much history, it’s ruled by the government called the ANC, which like the trade unions there (COSATU) has allied itself for many years with the South African Communist Party.

    Take Jacob Zuma, the current President of the ANC for example…He has surrounded himself with leftists and open high-ranking Communists, he still sings a song, at public rallies, with the words “bring me my machine gun”, which is a revolutionary song from the days when the ANC was conducting a terrorist campaign against SA’s previous racist government; and lastly, he displays at best an indifference, and at worst a hostility, towards such things as freedom of speech and the rule of law.

  3. Sure, I am not commenting on this blog with the sole purpose of disagreeing – that would be stupid.
    Dawkins himself had the best answer to all this, though. Have a look at this video: quite enjoyable !

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