Adult Stem Cells Making Noise Again In The News

Using the patient’s own adult stems cells, the Crohn’s disease is no more according to successful stem cell therapy by doctors in Barcelona, Spain. Crohn’s Disease millions worldwide, in the United States about 600,000 are affected with this disease. Crohn’s disease has very little treatments to combat the symptoms, leaving the person with a very dimished lifestyle.  The new successful adult stem cell therapy gives great hope for people afflicted with this disease.

“11 of 12 Crohn’s Disease patients in the USA who underwent the stem cell therapy had very good results.   That is almost 92%!!!3 of 4 patients in Italy who received this stem cell treatment had excellent results.  That is 75%. If we put them both together, 14 of 16 had great results from the Adult Stem Cells– that is 87.5%Can we call the stem cells a cure yet???” –DM Blog

I wouldn’t call it a cure yet, as the human body is very complex, so more people need to be treated successfully using adult stem cells in order to call this a cure for Crohn’s Disease but in the meantime it’s certainly headed in the right direction! It’s such good news!

More good news in adult stem cell research include…

“House Joint Resolution 1035, by state Rep. John Enns, would send a constitutional amendment to a vote of the people that would allow 10 percent of the interest earnings on the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund to be used for adult stem cell research.

“I really believe adult stem cell therapies hold the cures for many diseases – Parkinson’s Disease, spinal cord injuries, heart failure, cancers – and there are already nearly 70 research treatments that use adult stem cells,” said Enns, R-Enid. “By focusing on this promising research, Oklahoma can attract new businesses, create new high-paying jobs, potentially save lives, and do it all without the ethical compromises required by funding embryonic stem cell research.””

President Obama out to find some funding for adult stem cell research instead of paying back those who supported him such as special interests who are so focused on funding for embryonic stem cell research that they disregard adult stem cell research! Adut stem cell research is making another case to become 2009 science discovery of the year!

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