The Preciseness of Biochemical Balance in Nature

Biochemical optimization is something that happened by chance, nor could an unthinking process intentionally optimize the designs of nature. Biomolecules are carefully constructed with amino acid parts, and sequences designed to optimize it’s stability and production costs.

Take insulin for treating diabetes. Now insulin has 51 ammo acids which is pretty small and even smaller are 20 ammo acids in proteins. In order for insulin to work, you need a precise combination, in a particular order. If you switch any one in the combination,  say switch one to an ammo acid, you get something that doesn’t function like insulin.

Now let’s say an exact or nearly exact combination is not a problem, it’s very versatile with a lot of wiggle room allowing the ammo acids to become left and right handed, what happens is, it opens the door for a ton of possibilities. Insulin in living things, ammo acids are all left handed.

So in 51 places there could be left or right compounds which makes it a vast wealth possibilities as I said before, we are talking  about million billion possibilities. Out of millions of billions of possibilities in molecules only one would turn out to be insulin while about 6-10 would have some desirable behavior. The rest would not be insulin at all, not even close. Bigger molecules present a much larger problem, such as enzymes which contains a much larger amount between 200 and 2,000 ammo acids.

Switch gears now to “gene regulation” which plays a vital role in the preciseness of the biochemical balance. These molecular operations are designed to minimize errors. The gene regulation area consists of on and off switches and volume control knobs that regulate gene expression.

Gene expression plays a vital role in coordinating life’s biochemical processes. Genes can be accurately turned on and off because the unspecified binding doesn’t occur,  if it did, it would cause genes to express at the wrong time. The blueprint for gene regulation is optimal, displaying a well designed creation by an advanced creator namely God.


One thought on “The Preciseness of Biochemical Balance in Nature

  1. You start by saying “…the designs of nature”.
    Why do you assume there are designs of nature ? They just *appear* to be designed. You are making quite an assumption there.

    No more fun postings on astronomy ? Tidal forces, perhaps ?

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