‘Scientific’ Society Boycotts Louisiana Because Of Standards

LA Science Education Act which was passed last summer, and signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal, last summer is now being ostracized by part of the ‘scientific’ establishment and it’s not going to be the first time either, it’s pretty obvious there will be more pressure to come because Louisiana is not falling in line with their way of thinking about science.

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology has voted to boycott Louisiana, in favor of holding their 2011 in Utah instead. Some evolutionary proponents are making a big deal out of this boycott but holding a meeting in another state doesn’t really hurt, although there is some economic value in terms what that particular meeting brings to the state but certainly it holds no science value and will not affect the decision of the State to pass a critical thinking bill in science. In fact, it’s a good idea they stay way from New Orleans because they are not  good advocates for science anyway!

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has issued the same idea (“As scientists, we need to join such protests with our feet and wallets…”), not only for States of Lousiana but other states who dare step out of line with their way of thinking about science. I wonder what they would do if all the States passed a critical thinking bill…lol…Most likely they would meet somewhere to complain about the situation, since many of them have tons of money, perhaps in the future, they will hold their meetings on some tropical island somewhere, Canada would seem a bit too cold for them…lol…

“Yea, you ask for it, we are not giving you our money”, they will tell those States with a sneer of arrogance who dare to defy their science standards as they soak up the sun and spend their money on a tropical island instead.

PZ Meyers also weighs in on the boycott, “Sorry, Louisiana. You are a lovely state, but scientists won’t be supporting you as long as you’re going to be dedicated to anti-scientific foolishness.”

No, it’s foolish to exclude the weaknesses (just like any other scientific theory has) of evolution and not be able to look at it from a critical point of view is also foolishness.


One thought on “‘Scientific’ Society Boycotts Louisiana Because Of Standards

  1. Science has always be about critical thinking – the only thing it does is reject demonstrably bad scientific ideas like creationism if there are far better ideas available. Evolution has long since reached the stadium of fact and theory (we’ve been here before, Michael, but you keep ignoring earlier posts), although it can still be falsified. If there would currently be any evidence for that, scientist would line themselves up to publish this and get famous.

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