Latest News Buzz In The Realm of Science

Creation Ministries held one of their biggest conferences ever. People from all all over the world attended. Those who spoke at the conference were population geneticist Prof. John Sanford, marine biologist/geneticist Dr Robert Carter, geophysicist and plate tectonics expert Dr John Baumgardner, Archeologist David Down, physicist-cosmologist Dr John Hartnett and CSIRO, tree researcher Dr Geoff Downes.

“There were some remarkable presentations about the latest findings in genetics that showed how the most recent information in the world database of the human genome can be used to test various scenarios about human history, such as naturalistic evolution, progressive creation and the biblical creation-flood-Babel model. They showed that the latest genetic information supports the biblical history through the evidence of the variation in the Y chromosome, mitochondrial DNA and the X chromosome.”

“In addition, there have been some remarkable genetic discoveries that have totally transformed genetic ideas, even those published as recently as 5 years ago. In fact, Dr John Sanford, showed how the latest information about genetic mutation rates in the human genome ‘clearly falsifies’ the central axiom of today’s evolutionary biology, the neo-darwinian mechanism.”

In other news, Evolution is loosing the PR War…New Zogby poll shows a growing support for teaching “strengths and weakness” of evolution in public school classrooms, which is up nine percent from a previous poll conducted in 2006.

In another poll, reported by Fox News only 4 in 10 people actually believe in evolution. Even with the massive indoctrination, and the pull evolutionary science has in government schools, as well as 10,000 so-called Pastors who went public by stating their support for evolution (in honor of Darwin’s birthday) as well as the Vatican, it has failed in an enormous way to convince the public that it’s the best science, and the Bible is wrong.

More news includes economics, we are in a worldwide ressession and it’s taking it’s toll on evolutionary biology. There are shifts going on with tight budgets. Nature reports that the Netherlands has cut it’s staff in the area of evolutionary biology in a major way and is being replaced with jobs for molecular biology which can attract more grants. Ronald Plasterk who is the minister of science says the changes are to induce competition in the scientific community.

And lastly, more great news concerning adult stem cell research which might reduce the need for heart transplants!

“Heart disease patients in England who may otherwise need a transplant could soon participate in a trial involving the use of adult stem cells that may reduce or eliminate the need for the transplant. The trials, if successful, could show another capability of the ethical version of stem cells.”

Also, UW-Madison shows remarkable progress in adult stem cell research as stated below!

In a study published online Feb. 12 in Circulation Research, (and also reported in science daily) UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health professor of medicine Tim Kamp and his research team showed that they were able to grow working heart-muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) from induced pluripotent stem cells, known as iPS cells. The heart cells were originally reprogrammed from human skin cells by James Thomson and Junying Yu, two of Kamp’s co-authors on the study.


3 thoughts on “Latest News Buzz In The Realm of Science

  1. It is indeed a sad state of affairs that in the USA only 4 out of 10 people ‘belief’ in evolution … this is not true for Europe of course,
    and certainly not in the Netherlands (my home country, where I no longer live).

    I think the educational system in the US leaves much to be desired, then … and bringing in creationism into the classroom will only make the situation worse.

    It will also harm the competitive edge the US still has in the world.

  2. @ggw_bach:
    I agree with faith, wisdom and knowledge, but ethics has nothing to do with this ‘battle’, except for how this ‘battle’ is fought …

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