Problems With The Inflation Hypothesis

The big bang has had many problems over the years. Numerous observations were disproving it, so new explanations were needed in order to try and save it. This is where the inflation hypothesis comes in which goes like this…

It’s explanation revolves around the Universe being in uniformity and has a uniformed temperature.  Shortly after the big bang, according to this hypothesis, the universe expanded by an incredible thousands of many billions upon billions and more miles. In order for the big bang to work once it was created out of nothing, it needed to expand at a certain rate.

One problem, the rate in which is needed to avoid a self-collapse, goes faster than the speed of light. The latest measurements known from Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe observations is suppose to be the key in solving the problem, but so far it has not been answering the problem with this particular hypothesis.

The measures reveal one half of the Universe has density, patches with variation and temperature. While the other half of the Universe is smooth. The Universe seems to be “lopsided” according to these measurements. This would not work well with the inflation hypothesis.

So a new proposal was offered by Professor Sean Carroll…Two ballooning forces, one was ballooning the Universe, and the other one was ballooning density variations. Basically he’s proposing a perturbation structure which supposedly existed before inflation took place.

More measures are scheduled to taken from a  new satellite called Planck which is set for left off in April 2009.

“Planck will look back at the dawn of time, close to the Big Bang, about 14 thousand million years ago. This satellite is ESA’s ‘time machine’. Using it astronomers will be able to travel back in time, towards the beginning of space and time as we know it now. Its ultimate goal will be to help astronomers in deciding which theories on the birth and evolution of the Universe are correct.”

Sounds like a major decision, but more likely than not, evolutionary astronomers will not find the answer but claim more understanding which will result in a more inflated hypothesis which is already being inflated at a pretty good rate. Here are some claims that the website says Plank will be able to answer…

Will the Universe continue its expansion forever, or will it collapse into a ‘Big Crunch’?

What is the age of the Universe?

What is the nature of the so-called ‘dark matter’ (which may account for more than 90% of the total amount of matter in the Universe but that has never been detected directly)?

What is the nature of dark energy (a hypothetical form of energy that may account for the Universe’s expansion at an accelerating rate)?

These are hyped up claims as though Plank is going to discover America again. We all know none of these will points will be answered but it will most certainly raise more questions.


One thought on “Problems With The Inflation Hypothesis

  1. Ah, you really like my replies, don’t you. So why not another cosmology post, you’re thinking ?

    I’m patient, and I remain polite, as promised.

    So here we go again: evolutionary astronomers do not exist.

    The Big Bang has not been ‘disproved’. That is just you saying that.

    Your understanding of cosmology, and certainly of inflationary cosmology, leaves much to be desired.

    Then you are saying: ‘The measures reveal one half of the Universe has density, patches with variation and temperature. While the other half of the Universe is smooth. The Universe seems to be “lopsided” according to these measurements.’
    This is nonsense. This is not what WMAP has measured at all.

    One good thing though: you have finally discovered that dark matter and dark energy are not the same thing! Congratulations on your progress. And you can correct your earlier posts now.

    Your last sentence is very sad, though. These are not hyped-up claims, these are questions. I do not see any claims in those four questions ?

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