Anything Is Possible With Evolution?

The long held belief that lignin was the chemical that separated wood and water plants. It’s a unique component any longer. Recently discovered in red algae as science daily reports…

“Now lignin, one of the chemical underpinnings vital to the self-supporting nature of land plants – and thought unique to them – has been found in marine algae by a team of researchers including scientists at UBC and Stanford University.”

Here comes the story telling. According to these biologists who are trying to explain how a complex molecule, which is made by a complex process, being found in a more “primitive” life form, says that the basic machinery may have existed long before algae moved to land. That was an easy explanation to speculate upon because it has the least of problems. Not only that, it also gives the appearance of having more explanatory power (but it doesn’t). Student textbooks need revising again as the hypothesis about lignin has been falsified. Not only that, but the timeline for plant evolution in general is also affected by this new discovery, so evolutionary biologists had to revised it.

The alternative explanation is nothing short of a miracle because it’s enormously complex. The alternative goes like this…Algae and land plants evolved the exact same chemical separately! Hold your breath on this one, even they admit this is quite an astounding feat if it were possible…

“The pathways, enzymes and genes that go into making this stuff are pretty complicated, so to come up with all those separately would be really, really amazing,” says Denny. “Anything is possible, but that would be one hell of a coincidence.”

Looks almost like a Bible passage which states and I quote; “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Mathew 19:26 KJV.

But I don’t think Denny is actually making that sort of distinction but rather he is implying like many evolutionary scientists do, with God it’s impossible, but with evolution all things are possible! When you believe in such a concept there are no limitations for creating impossible  situations whereby a miracle would be required and then point to evolution.

Speaking of probability, the relatively new math equation which can measure functional information is really quite interesting as demonstrated in the video below…

The paper which this video uses is; Functional information and the emergence of biocomplexity Robert M. Hazen*†, Patrick L. Griffin*, James M. Carothers‡, and Jack W. Szostak§

Using the new math equation is a great tool which a person can put both creationism and evolution to the test. Highly recommended for students and currently non-students alike who have pretty good knowledge in math.

Before this new math came out, there were no equations that could distinguish functional from non-functional information. It was all generally lumped together. Now the results of this new math are even more interesting, because the calculations from various measurements of functional information puts intelligent design as more probable than evolution using pretty generous stats. No doubt this will be subject to debate for some time to come, but the scientific evidence which confirms creationism grows stronger. Very good news indeed!


5 thoughts on “Anything Is Possible With Evolution?

  1. So you first call it story telling, which probably means you don’t believe a word of it, but then conclude student textbooks need to be revised because of this ? Strange reasoning …

    Obviously there is no scientific evidence at all for creationism. It is a religious thing. Which is fine, but don’t call it science. No scientist does. Ah, but hold on ! You are a ‘true scientist’ !
    That’s it, of course. ‘True science’ is confirming something you already know (seems a bit futile to me). Whereas ‘science’ is still looking …

  2. I addressed your argument in “Debating Science Criteria” in a previous post. Science as you know does change, what you might be debating with at this present time, you may not be in a few years from now. I don’t knock all scientists even with ones I disagree with in their conclusions. Yes, the new discovery in plants does falsified a long held theory, which needs to be removed from the textbooks. It’s not “strange reasoning” it’s being logical.

  3. You were saying that the new discovery is story telling. And then you want to change the textbooks because of that.
    Would you care to explain your logic why what you consider to be story telling should end up in textbooks ?

    Or could you rephrase your post to clarify this mystery ?

    BTW: I do not see the relation with the previous post you linked to.

  4. I said the story telling started when they began trying to explain a complex molecule, which is made by a complex process may existed before the algae went to land and ended with an explanation of the two plants evolving separately but producing the exact same chemical “lignin.” The discovery had to do with the chemical “lignin” which was found in red algae that was previously believed to be exclusive only in wood plants. Finding lignin in red algae is not story telling. That was not what I was writing about.

  5. OK, then your smear of story-telling is just aimed at the scientists who tried to explain the new discovery. That was not clear from your text.

    But that new observations will make it into textbooks is not very news-worthy. This happens all the time. Although usually you do want to confirm new discoveries by a few others, just to make sure. But then *of course* such a new discovery gets into the textbooks. What is so special about that ?

    And this is still no new evidence for creationism. There is no scientific evidence for creationism. But I should not repeat myself, I’ve already made that point.

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