Large Amounts of Human Genome Is In A Kangaroo

An animal by evolutionary theory which is not a close relative to humans like chimps are, has 20,000 genes in them.  This is  the same amount of genes contained in humans. No question about it, the kangaroo genome has surprised evolutionary scientists.

It’s funny to note, how Chimp and human DNA similarities are diminishing over time with more understanding of them. Yet, similarities between humans and these furry creatures known as kangaroos are growing…lol

Well obviously there is an viable explanation that makes a huge difference between humans and kangaroos. And that difference is proteins. The human body is designed to make about 100,000 different proteins.

Drawing similarities of DNA doesn’t make more of a link or connection either even in evolutionary terms. The Chimp was once known to have 9o percent similar DNA to humans. Does that really make them 90 percent human? No!

“In one of the most extensive studies comparing human and chimp DNA, the researchers compared >19.8 million bases. While this sounds like a lot, it still represents slightly less than 1% of the genome. They calculated a mean identity of 98.77% or 1.23% differences.”

However, this, like other studies only considered substitutions and did not take insertions or deletions into account as the new study by Britten did. A nucleotide substitution is a mutation where one base (A, G, C, or T) is replaced with another. An insertion or deletion (indel) is found where there are nucleotides missing when two sequences are compared.”  CM

Even prominent evolutionist/geneticist Steve Jones has said in the context of man/chimp DNA-sharing: ‘We also share about 50% of our DNA with bananas and that doesn’t make us half bananas, either from the waist up or the waist down. Yea, you tell them, Steve!

These awkward discoveries such as the similarity of the Kangaroo genome to the Human genome for evolutionary scientists are always fun to report on. I suspect more will be found this year, so stay tuned!


One thought on “Large Amounts of Human Genome Is In A Kangaroo

  1. What is so awkward then about this discovery ? What is your point ?
    I quite like kangaroos …

    The title of your post is wrong, of course. Humans and kangaroos have similar parts in their respective genomes. It is not that kangaroos got some part of their genomes from humans. As far as I know we did not genetically modify them with some of our genetic make-up.

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