Experts Invited To Speak About Texas Science Standards

Six experts who worked on recommendations for science standards in Texas are invited to testify on January 21, 2009.  The six experts were divided. Three experts were pro-evolutionists, and the other three were either pro-intelligent design, or creationism.

The pro-evolutionist side are; Hillis, Wetherington, and Skoog. And on the pro-ID and creationist side; Meyer, Seelke, and Garner. You can hear them testify live here, or you can listen to them at your leisure here when available. It’s important to know what’s going on with education so I encourage people to listen to the testimony.

It will not be surprising to hear that three of the experts want the “strengths and weakness” language removed,  while the other three experts want the language to remain. Here is one of the six expert’s take on it…

“According to one of the experts, Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, examining the strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories is a core part of the scientific process, and abandoning such critical analysis merely to satisfy ideological demands of Darwinists harms students by giving them a false view of scientific inquiry.”

“Science education that does not encourage students to evaluate competing scientific arguments is not teaching students about the way science actually operates,” emphasized Dr. Meyer in his written report. Meyer, a Cambridge-trained philosopher of science, directs the Center for Science and Culture at Discovery Institute.”

For people wanting to have their say in person about science standards in Texas better get there early. Public testimony has been limited to four hours says board Chairman Don McLeroy. Keep in mind, the January 2009 meeting is the final one for public opinion.

On a side not, it appears Texas Science Standards language is not the only problem. Test scores on the SAT test for Texas students has been declining the last two years…The decline is way below the national average in critical reading, math, and writing.

There is some good news much to the dismay of some militant atheists who are pushing for more dogmatic evolution in schools…

“According to the Texas Education Agency, is that Texas students who took a rigorous high school curriculum scored 26 to 40 points higher on each section than students who took a lighter load, according to the Texas Education Agency.”

Normally those students who have a more rigorous school curriculum because of choice, are more into their studies than the ones who take less. In any case, Texas education needs viable improvements and students need to be better motivated in order to be successful with their studies and future.


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