Evolution Doesn’t Even Make The Top Ten In Science

Can anyone name of top break though in science in 2008, that had to do with using evolution? Science which one of the top journals, doesn’t even have evolution listed.

The number one break though in science for 2008, according to the science journal is adult stem cell research which by the way made it into my top ten of science stories of the year.

Major advancement in laser video microscopy using high tech computers, was another science break through listed. Particle physics modeling and more. One asks, if evolution as it’s explanations broadens more and more, is so important to science then why can’t it make it into the top ten in science break throughs?

As some would like to have you believe that the evolutionary framework is needed for all science or to conduct science, is not true. Empirical science which comes from experience, something that is observable and testable.

All the major break throughs listed in the journal of science used empirical science which doesn’t include an expansion of one’s explanation of phenomena.

For example, astronomers found what they considered to be young stars in the center of the Milkyway where they believe a black hole exists. The tides of the black hole should tear apart those young stars hindering them from further formations. So the new discovery has astronomers shaking their heads.

The expansion of their hypothesis is explained this way…

“Their finding suggests that molecular gas at the center of our galaxy must be denser than previously believed. A higher density would make it easier for a molecular cloud’s self-gravity to overcome tides from the black hole, allowing it to not only hold together but also collapse and form new stars.”

Their conclusion was explained this way…

“We don’t understand the environment at the galactic center very well yet,” Humphreys said. “By combining observational studies like ours with theoretical work, we hope to get a better handle on what’s happening at our galaxy’s core. Then, we can extrapolate to more distant galaxies.”

None of that is break through science. The only thing that might make it, would be the spotting of young stars near a black hole. In fact, making a list of planets outside our solar system was considered a major science break through for 2008.

It’s not surprising to see a lack of relevance of the evolutionary framework as far as not breaking into the top ten advances in science for the year.

1 thought on “Evolution Doesn’t Even Make The Top Ten In Science

  1. Evolution is not in the top 10 breakthroughs of 2008 because the breakthrough already happened so long ago. Something that is working so well won’t feature in such lists …

    Michael, could you come up with more interesting arguments against evolutionary biology ? I’m getting a little bored …

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