War On Creationism Will Broaden During The Obama Years

Under the new President of the United States, Barrack Obama, one will most likely see from evolutionary proponents an embodiment of anti-creationist actives. Such as a major push for a national standard of science which would be controlled by the federal government rather than leaving it up to various localities and states.

It will be also interesting to watch if the protests will get more aggressive. Dr Werner Gitt who is a creationist, is a retired director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology.

He was invited to give a speech at the Audimax theatre at the Leibniz University in Hannover.  His discussion was about how a scientist can believe in the Bible. The place was crowded, over 600 people were attending including some protesters who seated themselves in a spread out formation throughout the auditorium.

When their time arrived, banners of filthy language was displayed. Loud chants and whistles then preceded in order to interrupt the speech for publicity reasons. And also to make people feel uncomfortable so they would leave and not hear the speech.

The police where then called in but the two police officers showed up and were unable to calm things down. Finally reinforcements came, about 20 more police officers. Posters with the filthy language were be taking down from the walls but the protesters put more back up.

The protesters were able to avoid getting identified.  One of the reasons was, they eventually quieted down to allude detection. Their efforts were vain as even with more than an hour delay, the crowd remained and listened quite well to the entire speech. Tactics of the protests are pretty much the same as similar protests have happened on college campuses in the United States. It will be interesting to see if protests like these intensify under the Obama administration because of his pro-evolutionist stance.

Will states hold back on intellectual freedom in the public schools? Maybe, one thing is for sure, special interests will not have to lobby as hard under Bush as they will under Obama.

5 thoughts on “War On Creationism Will Broaden During The Obama Years

  1. War ?
    Do you know what ‘war’ really means ? It means killing people, lots of people.
    No creationist has ever been killed.
    Do not use a word like ‘war’ so lightly.
    Care to think a bit more about Rwanda ? Darfur ? Somalia ?
    That is where war is really happening.

  2. Come on eelco2, your smarter than that. Why are you going in this direction? War has a broader meaning than what you are trying to debate. For example, war means; active hostility or contention; contest which is exactly what your replies in here have been accomplishing.

    It also means a struggle: a war for men’s minds. Certainly war does in fact can mean military action that results in deaths but it’s not the only meaning. There are wars on different levels which doesn’t result in deaths.

  3. Wikipedia entry ‘war’:
    War is the reciprocal and violent application of force between hostile political entities aimed at bringing about a desired political end-state via armed conflict.

    People discussing ideas, theories, etc., are not in war with each other. They discuss things.
    There is no “war on creationism”. I am certainly not in war with you, if that is what you are trying to say (I cannot quite understand what you are trying to say anyway …).

  4. Wikipedia is hardly a good source for defining words…

    The Oxford Dictionary is much better, one I would recommend for you…It states and I quote…

    a state of armed conflict between different nations, states, or armed groups. 2 a sustained contest between rivals or campaign against something undesirable: a war on drugs.

    • verb (warred, warring) engage in a war.

    — PHRASES be on the warpath be very angry with someone. with reference to American Indians heading towards a battle with an enemy.


  5. So all you wanted to say in your original piece was that people are angry with creationists ? ‘War’ is a very strong word to use in that case …
    BTW: the Oxford Dictionary example of ‘a war on drugs’ is interesting: such a war is also armed (in the case of the US-led one), killing peope in Colombia etc.

    My main objection against your use of the word ‘war’ is that it is a complete overstatement – there is no real contest between creationism and everything else. And people are not angry with creationism, let alone on the warpath with creationists: I think it is more the other way around.

    There *are* lots of real wars going on, just now in Gaza, for example. Another religious war, in fact.

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