Was 2008 A Good Year For Neanderthals?

There are two ways of looking at the research of Neanderthals this year. One is overly optimistic (the evolutionist viewpoint) and the other is some great results indicating a confirmation of the Bible.

Neanderthals were subjective to racism, they were deemed as the “poor relation of the human family” who didn’t have much intelligence. But in 2008, the discovery of the Vanguard and Gorham’s caves indicates Neanderthals were actually pretty intelligent.  They found Neanderthals using; modern and complex subsistence strategies.

Neanderthals lived along side other modern humans at Gibraltar with the same strategies, but went extinct.  A mystery for this evolutionary tree tale.  Another mystery also arises, since Neanderthals were discovered as mental  equivalents of modern humans. How was it possible for over 105,000 years or so, being able to hunt mammals but not being able to learn how to ride a horse?

Neanderthals were found to be pretty good tool makers. Their technology was at least as good as that of early humans. With these new discoveries a question should be asked. What makes Neanderthals difference from modern humans?

Another aspect of the research, Did Neanderthals interbreed with modern humans? The new discovery in 2008 containing fossilized human remains has been found in Iberia. The fossils showed partial Neanderthal characteristics.

“Anthropologist Marvin L. Lubenow has shown that Neanderthal, other than having a larger cranial capacity, was anatomically the same as Homo erectus. Their fossils do not fit into the depiction of a linear evolutionary ape-to-man transition that is iconic today, but were simply comingling variations of humankind.”

“Furthermore, a fossil elbow and the Laetoli footprints of Neanderthal man are indistinguishable from modern man, and both have been dated by evolutionary scientists at 4 million years or older—predating the earliest Neanderthals!4 Thus, within the published evolutionary dates, “anatomically modern Homo sapiens, Neandertal, archaic Homo sapiens, and Homo erectus as well as Lucy-like Australopithecinces all lived as contemporaries.” –ICR

Neanderthals hunted communicated and painted like other humans. They even built tools like other modern humans did. So what part of the research show this year that separated us from Neanderthals? Answer: Nothing!  If anything, it’s showed we are more the same than different which would confirm the Bible. So if you are creationist, it was a very good year for Neanderthal research!

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