Geneticist Steve Jones and Incest Ancestry

This is the same geneticist who proposed evolution was over for humans. His latest comments about incest ancestry are quite interesting…

“To get to the universal ancestors (when everyone was the forefather of everybody alive today, or of nobody) we need go back only 5,000 years.

Had you entered any village on Earth, the first person you met would, if he or she had heirs, trace their descent straight to you and your partner.”

The Bible states mankind goes back to a male and female ancestor (Adam and Eve) were alive around 6,000 years ago. Steve Jones almost but not quite sounds like a creationist proposal rather than an evolutionist one.

Of course with the fall of Adam, damaging mutations in the human genome over time built up resulting in defects from newborns from incest.

“Everyone is, as a result, to some degree inbred. Does that matter? For incest, certainly: the children bear a heavy burden of inborn disease.

For cousins the figures are less clear, but in western Europe there is a small increase in the death rate and decline in infant health, while in the Middle East, where certain blood diseases are common and cousin marriage has long been customary, the figures are worse.”

Adam and Eve didn’t have that sort of built up of mutations as did future generations would have. The Bible strictly forbids incest as God made it a sin during the time of Moses.

Even though Geneticist Steve Jones is not a creationist nor an intelligent design advocate, his observation was right about incest being a common characteristic at one time and a biblical one not long ago as he pointed out. We creationists would date  the time after the flood as the most recent. The genetic state of Noah and his family during that time was still good enough to avoid damaging defects from mutations due to incest.


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