Alien Life Forms On A Snowball Planet?

Scientists speculate there are many cold “super Earths” out there which could or did harbor life forms…They believe the next generation of telescopes will make it easier to spot them.

“Despite the name, a super-Earth has little in common with the Earth that we know — other than the fact it is has a solid surface.  A super-Earth is covered with ice, and may have a substantial atmosphere – perhaps much thicker than the Earth’s.” Science Daily

These scientists are really grasping for straws in their search for trying to find alien life forms on giant cold planets. What these type of searches is missing, is information. Without precise and specified information, life cannot exist.

Now I know when it comes to looking for other life forms, they are basically looking for ingredients rather than actually looking for life itself. There is a difference!

For example, scientists find super Earth A, and they speculate it might have an atmosphere and ice. If they find a heat source through modeling to find out if it is possible then wham! The next headlines for this research could sound just like this…”Scientists Find Life On Other Planets.”

In reality, they found actually nothing concerning alien beings from another planet. I could have beef, and noodles, that doesn’t mean it’s going formulate naturally through a vast amount of time into a particular food item.

Searching for life forms has been used to attract interest in space exploration. Would have we studied the planet Mars as closely if it wasn’t for the so-called possibility of alien life? Would have Titan been studied as closely if it wasn’t the called; the closest thing in our solar system in harboring life? Do you really think people are just interested in trying to find ingredients for life and have an array of speculations on how it could of been life there?

The United States space program is in sad shape if searching for aliens using the evolution hypothesis on how humans came into being and expect aliens to do the same. This essentially is not good for space exploration. It’s really needed at all, and bad for science research in general, because for one, there is so much we don’t know about what’s out there in the vast reaches of the universe.

More focus on trying to discover various things to gain knowledge about space and what it contains could be used to enhance the quality of life on Earth. Perhaps even find alternative fuels as a possibility.  Basically in other words, learn more about God’s creation!


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