Tiktaalik Fossil: Missing Link or Mixed Up?

Discovered on Ellesmere Island, located in the Canadian Arctic. A creature that biologists said had four legs, but also had parts of a fish, such as fins, scales, ribs, and a neck.

Missing link was declared! The media went wild after learning about the new discovery. In October 2008, science daily reported new details of this alleged transitional form…

Missing Link or Mixed Up?

Missing Link or Mixed Up?

“A predator, up to nine feet long, with sharp teeth, a crocodile-like head and a flattened body, Tiktaalik’s anatomy and way of life straddle the divide between fish and land-living animals.”

On December 4, in Nature publishes an article that makes some interesting observations on the latest research concerning Tiktaalik.

“The pectoral fin skeletons of Panderichthys and Tiktaalik share certain unusual features such as a blade-like radius and a longitudinal ridge-and-groove on the flexor surface of the ulna. These can tentatively be interpreted as attributes of the ‘elpistostegid’ segment of the tetrapod stem lineage and thus ancestral for the tetrapod forelimb.

“Given that recent phylogenies consistently place Panderichthys below Tiktaalik in the tetrapod stem group, it is surprising to discover that its pectoral fin skeleton is more limb-like than that of its supposedly more derived relative.”

“It is difficult to say whether this character distribution implies that Tiktaalik is autapomorphic,2 that Panderichthys and tetrapods are convergent, or that Panderichthys is closer to tetrapods than Tiktaalik.  At any rate, it demonstrates that the fish-tetrapod transition was accompanied by significant character incongruence in functionally important structures.”

What does that mean? We need a translation here! Ok, I’ll tell you. Tiktaalik’s important structures are not only out of sequence according to the research, but they are also all mixed up! This data shows without a question that  Tiktaalik is not a missing link. The imagination of the artwork looks good, something you might want on your wall but certainly not realistic.

As far as the data on fossils in general, scientists have collected millions of fossils over the years because they are easy to find. So much so the museums are running out of room so only very important fossils are now accepted which explains some of the hype.

If evolution was true, transitional forms should out number greatly the regular species themselves. According to evolutionary hypothesis, it takes more transitional forms to go from one species to the next. Now you add the time factor, as it’s an unthinking process is very slow and the fossil record according to evolutionists spans it’s time frame in many millions of years. Then there should be a pretty good population if not enormous population in the fossil record containing these transitional forms. But as the data shows, this hasn’t been observable.

Even what scientists believe are transitional forms lack greatly (as some like Tiktaalik end up not as missing links while others remains as certain speculation) compared to the undeniable fully formed animals we do find in the fossil record which confirms the Bible.


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