Romaina: Evolution Is Optional in Public Schools

Shortly after World War II, Russian troops took over the small country imposing communism. The atheist  government ruled supreme as a result, many freedoms were taken away including freedom of religion.

In 1990 elections were held, and in 1991 a new Constitution was adopted and it has been that way ever since. A nightmare has occurred for secularists.

“Evolution has been removed from the school curriculum in a move which, pressure groups argue, distorts children’s understanding of how the world came into being.”

Generally most (but not all) who oppose the existence of God, do not want children to believe in a Creator. The story I believe is over-hyped. It appears evolution is still taught in the public schools like natural selection, but it’s “optional” and in some cases many are not picking up the option. So it’s not like evolution has been outlawed…

In religious classes, kids are taught about creationism, which states that God created the world in a short time (6 days). However, it’s not all good there, just like when they were under communism which tried to control the church, there are new proposals which will try and make all religious classes compulsory.

Right now, the classes are optional and parents from all faiths including Christians can write to the school to opt out any class that disagrees with Bible or any other belief. Let me tell you, it sounds like Romania for now, has more freedoms than the United States does in it’s public schools! That would change if they start forcing kids into religious classes.

Secularists are currently attacking Romania saying without evolution the kids will be “dumber” which is not true. In fact, it will be interesting in the coming years as far as testing goes with the rest of the world.

I believe the kids should be taught something about evolution even advanced knowledge of it concepts in certain situations or optional, because they need critical thinking skills. So they can discern good science (creationism) from bad science (evolution).

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