Molecular Timekeepers Discovered

A metabolic protein pretty well known in the medical community but not everything was known about this protein. As it turns out, this protein regulates the raise and fall of blood pressure. It also regulates the heart’s daily tempo.

“Most of the body’s daily patterns are controlled by a master clock in the brain, but each cell in the body contains timekeeping proteins as well. Scientists knew that heart rate and blood pressure are governed by a daily clock, but didn’t know whether the heart and blood vessels keep their own time or dance to the beat of the body’s master clock.” –Science

How the scientists discovered the molecular timekeepers was interesting. They used mice by altering their genetic makeup which included removing the proteins from the heart and blood vessels.

The team found that mice lacking PPARgamma only in the heart and blood vessels don’t have dramatic differences in blood pressure over the course of the day the way normal mice do. That result means that PPARgamma must be involved in setting the clock that governs heart and blood pressure rhythms, the team reports.”

“The researchers demonstrated that PPARgamma and the diabetes drugs probably set the clock by stimulating production of another protein, BMAL1, which is a major gear in all the body’s molecular clocks.”

One of the things I liked about this article, besides the discovery was the fact that, evolution wasn’t even mentioned! The study of the protein to see how it works is generally the true meaning of science!

The human body is vastly complex with a wide variety of specified and precise complexity. Even when something has well known for quite some time, it’s still possible to find other functions.

God as truly advanced as He is, really put humans together in His own image, only the fall affected such perfection!


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