Federal Standards For Science?

Just like when Clinton got elected, the push increased greatly for more federal control followed. Obama’s election has liberals thinking it has opened the door once again. As you can see below…

“National standards on the teaching of Evolution and the origins of life, decided on and created by top scientists from significant scientific organizations, should direct curricula of all schools nationwide, overriding any state laws on the subjects.”

Centralizing education on the federal level is nothing new. It dates back to the the 1840s when the first public school began in Boston. Centralization became very popular during the Clinton era. Things like Goals 2000, and Outcome Based Education were the main promoters of not only federalizing education, but globalizing it too.

Generally liberals like PZ Meyers feels that it would be easier to control the standards of science if it’s centralized at the federal or global level rather than allowing individual states or local governments to decided on their own what the standards of Science should be.

It’s a socialist concept no question about it. It would be also easier for special interests rather than the voters to organized and influence the standards. This is what liberals are hoping for with President elect Obama!

No doubt about it, the battle over public and even private education will be more intense in the coming years than ever before. I say private as well because the standards will be also directed at them, to undermine their education so students would have to conform more towards government education.

I wouldn’t be surprised at future  increases in regulation under Obama concerning homeschooling. That’s another area liberals are looking at to control with government now, more than ever.

Federal standards is not a good idea for education, it lacks competition, it lacks freedom, it really has no compelling results and currently the US spends more money on education either for it’s citizens and non-citizens alike, more than any country in the world. The United States is no where near the top as far as testing with the rest of the world!

During the Puritan era, they put  a lot of emphasis on education. Massachusetts had a reputation during that time as having the best schools in the English colonies. Prof. Lawrence Cremin estimated the adult literacy in those colonies  were very high, around 70 to 100 percent.

Diversity of education was the norm back then. The standards of Colonial education was very high. The funny part was in all of this, many of them didn’t have a lot of formal school training. In fact, out of 117 men that signed the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, one out of three had only a few months at the most of formal school training.

This kind of emphasis on education is needed today. It is not surprising that the United States Constitution makes no mention of education in it’s provisions. It’s framers left it up to the parents, the communities, the churches, educator proprietors of schools, and individual states.

Only those like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams supported a free state funded school but only on a small scale. Their position was clearly in the minority.

So should the United States have “federal standards” for subjects like science? The answer is a resounding; NO!

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