Chromosomes in Fruit Flies Have A Safe Guard

Sarah Palin received a lot of flack for criticizing the research of fruit flies in Paris France back in Oct 2008. I’m not quite sure what part of the research partaining to fruit flies she was briefed on. But I can understand why she said it!

Liberals attacked her saying it’s helping with “autism.” It might be, but  how much is it contributing is debatable because other animals are used for the same research. None of them presented a viable explanation to these questions; are fruit flies are more important for the research than other animals? How important are fruit flies compared to other animals (or humans for that matter) in this research?

While this is not really a debate over Sarah Palin’s comment during the Presidental run with McCain, but rather the lastest discovery on fruit fly research which has opened the door for some interesting analysis. It has been discovered that fruit flies have a highly specialized molecular machinery that prevents a genetic disaster.

The machinery doesn’t allow specified parts of chromosomes to touch one another at the wrong times. Yes, not just any part of the chromosome but a targeted area.

“The machines, proteins called condensin II, separate chromosomes by twisting them into supercoils that kink up and therefore can no longer touch.

“Scientists had known of condensin II but did not know how it functioned inside cells. Keeping specific parts of chromosomes from touching can change how the instructions carried in the DNA are read, said research team leader Giovanni Bosco of The University of Arizona in Tucson.” —science daily

The question is, could have fruit flies survived without this mechanism? Since evolution which claims it takes an enormous amount of time in various little steps.  Without question, this highly advanced molecular machinery in fruit flies  has intelligent designer namely; God written all over it!

“Smith said the team’s next step is figuring out how condensin II proteins are recruited to the chromosomes and how the condensin II proteins use the cellular energy packets known as ATP to change shape.”

Why would proteins be recruited to the chromosomes in the first place by an unthinking process by random chance? There is no evidence of naturalism in this discovery.  While this research shows design, there is value in studying fruit flies.


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