A New Class Of RNA Found

Non-coding RNA has been a recent focus of a series of studies over a course of many years. Publish on November 26th in “Cell” scientists discovered a mechanism called; MALAT1 that was previously unknown.  When it comes to unknowns in non-coding RNA or DNA a conflict emerges, known as either junk DNA or RNA. Creationists always believed non-coding cells were not just wasteful or not needed parts as the label “junk” would indicate.

Although some evolutionists try and refute that definition and say using the term “junk” literally was really misleading and blame creationists for jumping all over them about the label. However, according to science daily in connection with the new class of RNA found…

“2% of human DNA is converted into intermediary molecules called RNAs, which in turn carry instructions within cells for protein manufacture. And what of the other 98% of the genome? It has been assumed by many to be genetic junk, a massive accumulation of “code” that evolution has rendered superfluous.

“Now, however, scientists are discovering that the vast bulk of the DNA in our genomes, while it does not “code” for the specific RNA molecules that serve as templates for protein synthesis, do nevertheless perform various kinds of work.”

So it is claim that evolution renders it superfluous which means “unnecessary or needless” until of course it is found to have some important function. Proponets of evolution like to have to both ways, first label non-coding as superfluous or junk, but when a function is found, act as though they were looking for it all the time.

I believe the label has hindered studies conducted on non-coding cells. I mean who would want to study non-coding cells that were rendered “superfluous” by evolution? It doesn’t sound like an area that needs a lot of exploring, does it? And it also doesn’t sound like a gap waiting to be filled either!

While they were some studies, they were not as intensively looked at as they have been in recent times. It’s obvious, non-coding cells were believed at one time to be “unnecessary or needless” which would be logical if one believed in a non-thinking process with no purpose at the helm of it’s creation!

Now back to the new class of RNA which comes resides in the cell’s nucleus. The research is quite new with many questions. Scientists are not sure what MALAT1 actually does. But what they have observed was it splitting into two parts at two different sizes, where one was long and the other was short. They were then identified it as a new class of small RNAs. They suspect it could contain a variety of different functions. One thing is for sure, MALAT1 is a good marker for the progression of the disease known as; cancer.

Non-coding RNA similar to that of non-coding DNA are still being mislabeled as “junk” until a viable function is known. The new discovery indicates even more complexity that only God could have thought up and created in RNA than one first thought. And I agree, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


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