What Significance Does The Fossil of “Odontochelys” Have?

As science daily correctly points out, turtles which have been found in the fossil record have practically the same in features in ancient times as they do today. I’m not a science daily fan because it’s a proponent of evolution but certain some things I do. There has been some hype over the discovery of “Odontochelys” which is known to be the oldest fossil of a turtle currently on record. It has a slightly two distinct different features.

“The fossilized turtle ancestor, dubbed Odontochelys semitestacea (translation: half-shelled turtle with teeth), likely lived in the water rather than on land. “This is the first turtle with an incomplete shell,” Rieppel said. “The shell is an evolutionary innovation. It’s difficult to explain how it evolved without an intermediate example.”

Evolutionary scientists have been extremely puzzled with the turtle’s shell, there is not one hypothesis as of today, to even explain how it got there through naturalism.

While paleontologists take such studies into account, they aren’t sufficient to prove how anatomy evolved over time, and evidence can be read in different ways. The limbs of Proganochelys, for example, show signs of bony plates in the skin.

But Odontochelys has no osteoderms and it has a partial shell extending from its backbone, Rieppel said. It also shows a widening of ribs. Although Odontochelys has only a partial shell protecting its back, it does have a fully formed plastron – complete protection of its underside – just as turtles do today.

Some of evolutionists are beginning to believe that Odontochelys is some sort of specialized adaptation. An unthinking process with no purpose is assumed to have the ability to create specialized parts for a certain animal? This is bad science and the problems one encounters when trying to formulate everything from naturalism.

The problem with this hypothesis is clear. Odontochelys has teeth, which indicates it’s more advanced than primitive. Teeth are a complex creation (one performed by God), which if one believed in evolution, the unthinking process would need more stumble about through random chance to create the teeth. If it was possible. Certainly if one believed in evolution, the turtle without teeth, would take less time to evolve.

There has been always a problem with evolution’s fossil. With the belief of the earth being as old as it is, and with all the animals, the fossil record should contain more transitional forms of animals (going from one species to a totally different species) than the actual animals themselves. For example A animal changes into a B animal after let’s say for the sake of argument, ten stages. This in turn would mean ten transitional forms in the fossil record, compared to the beginning animal and the next species. So actually by numbers transitional forms should be a lot easier to find, not harder. But that is not what the real evidence tells us…

So what is the significance of Odontochelys have? It shows creationism not evolution so the significance is a great find! Things get hyped up in secular publications so scientists get their work published, but the evidence of the oldest fossil of a turtle found with teeth shows is was never part of the evolutionary time table to begin with!


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