Could Enceladus Have A Hidden Source of Water?

Under a new mission called; “Equinox” that will continue until September 2010, Cassini will be focused on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Scientist have gathered and studied data from Cassini Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph and here is they believe to have found…

“The team, including UCF Assistant Professor Joshua Colwell, found that the source of plumes may be vents on the moon that channel water vapor from a warm, probably liquid source to the surface at supersonic speeds.”

“There are only three places in the solar system we know or suspect to have liquid water near the surface,” Colwell said. “Earth, Jupiter’s moon Europa and now Saturn’s Enceladus. Water is a basic ingredient for life, and there are certainly implications there.

If we find that the tidal heating that we believe causes these geysers is a common planetary systems phenomenon, then it gets really interesting.” –Science Daily

One of Saturn's Moons

Enceladus is one of those discoveries which defies a very old solar system. According to the coldness of space with the hypothesis of Evolution considering billions of years old, this moon should have been frozen out long ago.

Now these scientists are not exactly looking for scientific reasons on why Enceladus is so active, although they do have some ideas, but rather their main focus of the moon has been looking for a possible situation for primitive life forms being able to exist one point in it’s history. The NASA space program is very caught up in looking for alien life! It’s similar to the Mars missions. NASA trying to find aliens is almost like how the gold rush was back in the 1848.

Perhaps the idea is to promote interest in space exploration and to justify such huge expenses in a slowing economy, but I believe the focus should be studying many parts of the solar system when possible, not looking for materials so one could predict little green blobs from the past.

That’s not to say, one should not investigate if Enceladus has water hidden beneath the surface or not. It would be a nice discovery if that’s the case, but it’s really not a major scientific breakthrough in learning more about Enceladus.

On the bright side, exploring Enceladus has been great for creation science and hopefully there will be more evidence coming from there that confirms the Bible!

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