Another Look At the Earth’s Decaying Magnetic Field

A new observatory on a remote island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This is going to provide some more data that may or may not reveal why the Earth’s magnetic field is decaying at the rate of 5 percent every 100 years.

According to science daily, scientists are worried about possible future consequences as a result of the magnetic field loosing it’s strength. The decay of the magnetic field actually fits the timeline for a young earth. Using physics, Dr Thomas Barnes calculated that the Earth couldn’t have lasted more than 10,000 years with the rate of decay.

Because of the short age implications presented by Dr Barnes, evolutionists reject the model. Instead rely on the dynamo theory. This theory suggests the magnetic field is generated by the Earth’s core rotation which then circulates molten metal. Now supposedly if this rotation were to stop, the magnetic field would cease to exist.

Another aspect of the earth’s magnetic field, are reversals. Evolutionists claim this is the answer. However, the data doesn’t match up with this proposal. On the other hand, Dr Humphreys proposed that tectonic plates were plunged down far enough during the time of the worldwide flood to affect the outer core, so it would have caused it to cooled down more quickly and also cause rapid reversals.

In order to find it this proposal had any merit to it, the observation of lava flows would reveal the answer…

“Three years after this prediction, leading researchers Robert Coe and Michel Prévot found a thin lava layer that must have cooled within 15 days, and had 90° of reversal recorded continuously in it. And it was no fluke—eight years later, they reported an even faster reversal. This was staggering news to them and the rest of the evolutionary community, but strong support for Humphreys’ model.”

The vast majority of reversals happened during the time of the Genesis account of the flood. So what does general a magnetic field? Well to start off with, I believe the decay started right after the fall of Adam as so did many other aspects of God’s creation. So the core which is mainly iron and nickel contained an electrical current. Without a steady power source, the current diminishes by turning into heat. The decay change, induces another current but at a lower rate than the original.

So what we have here is a decaying magnetic field which then creates the decaying electrical current which is keeping the magnetic field going, but at a decreasing rate. And so that is how we have a magnetic field!

It will be interesting to see what the new observatory comes up with as far as proposals on why in their opinion the field is decaying, and start predicting negative impacts as a result. One thing is certain, we have a pretty good idea on why the earth’s magnetic field is decaying, and yes, it does point to a young earth using standard physics which lead to the Barnes model.

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