Where Did All The Hydrogen Go?

Evolutionary scientists have now called in to report that a lot of hydrogen in the Universe is missing. Yes, you heard me, a missing report has been filed on the substance…Australian astronomers have been studying distant galaxies for awhile, and were surprised, even scratched their heads for a moment because they couldn’t detect any hydrogen!

Now hydrogen is a raw material very common in the Universe especially in very deep space because of the belief in the big bang, or so they thought…

“By looking at galaxies in which the light has taken over 11.5 billion years to reach us, they found an apparent lack of hydrogen when the Universe was only two billion years old – long before our own Sun and all other stars in the present Universe had formed.

“Stars form when extremely cold clouds of hydrogen collapse under their own gravity until they become dense enough to ignite nuclear fusion. Over billions of years, this leads the formation of the heavier elements that make up planets, people and other matter. Each galaxy should contain gas masses equivalent to several billion stars, as in the Milky Way.”

There are major problems with this hypothesis. How did the gas clouds create gravity that displayed the gas clouds were attracted to one another or on their own? It’s not possible for gravity to come from nothing. Gravitation is a general term describing the phenomenon by which bodies with mass are attracted to one another.

So you have this gas cloud or two that freeze into some sort of dense object with the help of gravity, then create friction in a vacuum while holding itself together, but tearing itself apart at the same time. So it would have the ability to ignite like a nuclear bomb is not realistic.

First of all, gas tends to expand, not the other way around. Second of all, even if you can get the cloud of gas to spin, the spinning would eventually create a magnetic field that would stop the collapse of gas from occurring. On top of that, the new evidence showing no hydrogen in deep space which is vital to the process, isn’t helping the hypothesis either!

Is this going to turn into the invisible dark matter that scientists are looking for which supposedly consists of 73 percent of the universe? Man actually knows very little about space which was created by God, it’s exploration of it’s vastness in details is extremely limited.

One thought on “Where Did All The Hydrogen Go?

  1. This is probably your worst post. Your display of ignorance in astrophysics, and physics in general, is breathtaking.
    This is the sort of research I do on a daily basis, including the actual observing of high redshift galaxies, and you really have no idea what you are talking about … can you really not be bothered to do any sort of background reading ? Not even the basics ?

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