Protein Marker Idenifies Important Stem Cells

A breakthrough in finding rare adult stem cells that are able to regenerate when the liver tissue is injured. Very big news and promising news as far as cell-replacement therapy is concerned and also for those who suffer from liver disease.

“In the future, this marker will allow for the isolation and expansion of these stem cells, which could then be used to help patients whose livers can no longer repair their own tissue. About 17,000 Americans are currently on a waiting list for a liver transplant, according to the American Liver Foundation.”

This promising research is only scratching the surface, there are other areas in which scientists are not sure about. Mainly, molecular targets that are regulated by Fox l1 are not identified as of yet. It’s also unknown to scientist what actually activates the mechanism of fox l1 and the connection it has with the liver.

“For chronic injury, the liver uses a back-up system that stimulates stem cells to proliferate and eventually differentiate into new liver cells. Greenbaum and colleagues found that these dual-potential stem cells can be identified and potentially isolated from other liver cells because they uniquely express the protein Foxl1.

The team showed that in two mice models of liver injury, stem cells and their descendents were marked by the expression of FoxL1. The researchers propose to use this marker to isolate the Foxl1-bearing stem cells and transplant them back into damaged livers to restore function.” –Science Daily

God’s design of the human body is very complicated, very advanced and precise. I believe this new found discovery using the protein marker, has quite a ways to go yet. But once again, and I can help but to put emphasis on this, adult stem cell research shows more progress in treating people than the politically correct and liberal media hyped embryonic stem cell research.

Most of the embryonic stem cells are collected by destroying human life. This of course as a Christian I take issue with. However, there are other means to collect embryonic stem cells. It’s not like true Christians are totally against that type of stem cell research. But it sure exciting to see the breakthroughs with adult stem cells that might one day help treat people in the future and save human life in the process. Lord willing.


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