Some UK Teachers Endorse Creationism Being Taught In School

In England, there was a poll conducted earlier in the month which indicated 1/3 of teachers endorse the idea of creationism being taught alongside evolution in government schools. Also, there was teachers in the UK being intviewed on a satellite television channel. Most of those teachers endorsed creationism being taught.

Here is their reasoning, the beliefs of children who hold strongly in the field of an intelligent designer, namely God or perhaps just intelligent design would feel excluded, they say. Rev Professor Michael Reiss, who lost his job as director of education at the Royal Society, because he also came to the same conclusion.

If Rev Professor Michael Reiss would have kept his head low about what he thought, no doubt he still have his job at the Royal Society. Unlike the evolutionist dogma, which states naturalism with nothing else allowed, many creationists and ID have no problem with evolution being taught when creationism or ID can be also taught alongside as well.

Now rest of the UK poll showed about half of the teachers believed that by excluding alternatives would have a negative impact on the students learning science.

“Nearly half of teachers also agreed with Professor Michael Reiss’ sentiment that excluding alternative explanations to evolution is counter-productive and alienates pupils from science. Perhaps most telling is the fact that, almost nine out of 10 teachers take the pragmatic view that they should be allowed to discuss creationism or intelligent design in science, if pupils raise the question.”

The poll was conducted because there are secularists as well as religious entities who are concern with the raising trend of embracing creationism. Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, said: “The findings in this survey are extremely alarming. 1 out of 10 students now believe in creationism in the UK. Dawkins who is England’s most well known atheist was outraged by such discussions, he then accused the government and the teachers of “bending over backwards.”

Bending over backwards? I guess discussing creationism being taught alongside evolution is bending over backwards by the government according to Dawkins. Right now, there is no creation science nor intelligent design being taught in England’s public schools. I don’t consider that bending over backwards at all, but it does indicate a little sensitivity.


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