DNA Repair: Plays A Vital Role For The Existence of Life

There are many carcinogens in our world today. These agents which damage DNA causes mutation which result in cancer, would be much more serve if it was not for DNA’s repair mechanism.

“Our study is the first to identify a regulatory role for the ATR protein in a specific DNA repair system, which is called nucleotide excision repair or NER,” says Elliot Drobetsky, senior author and associate professor of immunology and oncology at the Université de Montréal.

“NER is a critical DNA repair system that removes pieces of damaged DNA before these pieces can be converted into genetic mutations that destroy the function of tumour-preventing proteins in the body. Characterizing how the NER system is turned on or off is critical to understanding how tumours develop. In this system, ATR is the key that turns on the repair machinery.” -Science Daily

In discussing origins of a primitive earth described by evolutionary scientists, I advocated the very hostile conditions. If it was possible, how could have the original DNA cell created survive in such an environment? Especially when it didn’t have the precise complexity as it has now. The hypothesis has many explanations, not of which have been proven.

DNA repair was designed as ingenious type of machinery. One can only marvel at it’s ability. And no evolution didn’t learn design patterns to make DNA repair machinery possible.

Evolutionists believe…

“Under the onslaught of those ROS, the eukaryotes “learned” how to survive in an oxygen-spiked environment long before free O2 gas appeared in Earth’s atmosphere.  At some point the eukaryotes learned how to take advantage of the large chemical energy that oxygen can provide.”

Rather than having a creator built these marvelous chemical machines, secularism insists the organisms themselves “learn” about the environment even though they have no capacity to think, then have the miraculous gift as a alleged “simple” but definitely one-cell animal that enables them to change somehow their biological structure to live more comfortable in their new environment.

You see, scientists realize, just picking good and bad while preserving the good, needs more of an ability. It needs to be able to “learn” the massive complexities of life under the precise laws of nature. The DNA repair mechanism could have not formed by accident. It’s precise complexity was designed for the vital role in the existence of life for without it, life is not possible. The earth and it’s inhabitants were created purposefully by God.

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