Dental Pulp Stem Cells Could Be Good For the Brain

Adult stems cells have been found to regenerate many different types of cells. In this new discovery, scientists have found a unique feature in dental stem cells which can stimulate growth of new neural cells, and many of these formed neurons.

Since Obama started running for office up until now where he promised to unban embryonic stem cells research, the focus has been on one aspect of this type of cell research. While very little attention has been paid to the major progress of adult stem cells. You can talk to a person on the street about stem cells and generally what the first thing comes to mind are embryonic stem cells. I believe the general public is not aware enough about this vital research concerning adult stem cells.

The conflict with embryonic stem cells, has created a political circus. Generally, collecting human embryonic stem cells for the most part come from embryos. Once the cells are collected, it then destroys the remaining embryo. There is an alternative in collecting these type of cells, but not enough to satisfy the demand. There is currently a shortage of human embryonic stem cells which can result in paying people to obtain them.

As far as Christians are concern, the embryos are human life no question about it, no science to refute otherwise on when life begins, but to liberals embryos are just a “thing” to work with while promising to find cures for diseases.

Back to the latest discovery of the promising possible impact of dental pulp stem cells which are adult stems cells…

By showing dental pulp stem cells are capable of stimulating growth of neurons, our study demonstrates the specific therapeutic potential of dental pulp stem cells and the broader potential for adult stem cells,” says Chan, who also is assistant professor of human genetics in Emory School of Medicine.

“Because dental pulp stem cells can be isolated from anyone at any age during a visit to the dentist, Chan is interested in the possibility of dental pulp stem cell banking. “Being able to use your own stem cells for therapy would greatly decrease the risk of cell rejection that we now experience in transplant medicine,” says Chan” -Science Daily

Adult stem cells show way more promise and it’s way more versatile. It’s also humane, and helps decreasing cell rejection. You can make a cell regenerate but if it’s rejected, it’s no use to the person who needs treatment. Very exciting to learn about the progress in dental pulp stem cell research, thanks to the Lord!


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