Molecular Machines: Having Their Own Remote Controller

The microscopic world is full of much needed specialized complexity. Molecular machines have many unique features one of which has been recently discovered. It has what I call it’s own “remote controller” where it’s able to activate genes at various times.

“Genes are made of double stranded DNA molecules containing the coded information an organism’s cells need to produce proteins. The DNA double strands need to be ‘melted out’ and separated in order for the code to be accessed.

Once accessed, the genetic codes are converted to messenger RNAs (mRNA) which are used to make proteins. Cells need to produce particular proteins at different times in their lives, to help them respond and adapt to changes in their environment.”

This has God’s intelligent design written all over this! Coded information created which the cell needs to make protein. In order to obtain the information the strands need to be ‘melted out’ then separated.  Such precise mechanisms. Happen by accident with an non-thinking process? Don’t think so, this highly advanced machinery was invented by an intelligent designer.

How did they find the remote controller? Here is how they did it as described in Science Daily

“Scientists have discovered that RNA polymerase uses a tightly regulated internal blocking system that prevents genes from being activated when they are not needed.

Using electron microscopy to look at the inner workings of bacterial cells, the researchers discovered that the DNA strand-separating process is kickstarted when RNA polymerase is modified by an activator protein, which the cell sends to the site of the gene that needs to be switched on.”

Do you really think naturalism could without thinking about it, piece together such an advance machine that the best designed machines from humans has even come close to it? Is there really that much room for error to allow evolution to even tinker with the cell?

It’s highly unlikely if the remote controller could be pieced together and have it work in such a highly regulated way. It’s just not complexity, but specified complexity of parts that works in a precise manner in order to have success in functioning. The design has God’s signature written all over it!


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