Discover Magazine Tackles A Physics Problem

As creationists we believe God finely tuned the universe in a very precise manner. Of course evolutionary proponents object and dismiss this concept. But new science discoveries has forced evolutionists to address the issue. In another words, come up with an alternative hypothesis which does lead to a creator…

In Discover Magazine 2008 December issue states the following…

“Physicists don’t like coincidences. They like even less the notion that life is somehow central to the universe, and yet recent discoveries are forcing them to confront that very idea. Life, it seems, is not an incidental component of the universe, burped up out of a random chemical brew on a lonely planet…. In some strange sense, it appears that we are not adapted to the universe; the universe is adapted to us.”

“Call it a fluke, a mystery, a miracle. Or call it the biggest problem in physics. Short of invoking a benevolent creator, many physicists see only one possible explanation: Our universe may be but one of perhaps infinitely many universes in an inconceivably vast multiverse.”

In one of my first posts in this particular blog, I discussed how science was limited in scope when it comes to the supernatural and therefore could not disprove such an existence. In it was in response to an Atheist physicist who also believes in multiverse.

It took evolutionists up until the 1960s to admit the Universe had a beginning. This is also when the big bang hypothesis became mainstream in evolutionary circles. The hypothesis always created problems as far as origin is concern. Because how could naturalism create something out of nothing that creates material for the big bang then used in the big bang.

Out of nothing comes nothing, is an old saying. Then came along discoveries of precise fine tuning of the universe which creates difficulties with various theories. So instead of admitting there is a creator, it’s supposedly other universes which are responsible. But one asks, where did those universes come from? Is evolutionary science going back to the old ways of believing the universe is infinite or eternal, but has expanded it to other universes?

Various universes is nothing more than telling a story while making some hot dogs over a camp fire to solve a problem of reality. It’s true there can be an explanation for everything, but it doesn’t necessarily make it factual.

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