President Elect: Barack Obama’s Impact With Science

Many liberals are rejoicing with the election of Barack Obama. I send my congratuations to soon to be President of the United States, Barack Obama. So what sort of impact will this new era entail? Well for one thing, the ban on embryonic stem cell research even though there has been success in reprogamming adult stems cells.


Barack Obama’s promise to fight global warming entails caps on emissions, and taxing companies for certain amounts of emissions. As he admitted, this could rise the costs of utilites in the future. The Obama camp, has denied it plans to bankrupt coal companies who want to expand. Obama has said, he endorses clean coal and wants to tax US oil company profits.

So the more money oil companies make the more tax revenue. Also, Obama is opposed to lifting the ban on drilling. Also, 150 billion dollars was promised to help save the world from global warming. Much more than McCain would have spent, which delights many liberals in the scientific community.

What about doubters of Darwinism? How much of an impact this will have in an Barack Obama administration remains to be seen. Barack Obama is very much opposed to creationism and intelligent design. However, most of the action about the debate happens at the local and State levels.

Just like any other President, Christians should not worry about who God has put in power to govern us. Creationism and the Bible will always be around (until the end of the world), it’s not like it’s going anywhere. Marvel at the great complexities of nature in which God has created. His signature is all over the place!

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