New Mercury Observations Reveals Surprises

Messenger’s latest fly by of Mercury, was very interesting. The probe gathered important data about the planet’s surface and it’s magnetic field. What they found was an enormous amount of solidified lava on the surface of Mercury. This indicates the planet has gone through a lot of volcanic activity sometime during it’s history.

The massive lava presence consisted of 3,600 miles just in one crater, which was more than enough lava to cover a major city with. In fact, it could cover a major city 12 times over. More observations included…

“This hemisphere of Mercury is smoother than the other hemisphere, and we need to think hard about why that’s the case,” Zuber said.” National Geographic.

“Scientists also noted a large “wrinkle ridge”—a feature that probably forms when a planet shrinks. The planet probably has undergone a considerable amount of contraction, but we can’t go so far as to say how much until we take many, many more measurements.”

This is quite plausible considering the planet had undergone major volcanic activity and with it being close to the sun placed purposely in an environment (like space) which is really cold. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is still some volcanic activity going on under ground.

The biggest surprise, mainly to evolutionary scientists and intelligent design proponents (not to creation scientists) is Mercury’s magnetic field. It goes against what is known as the dynamo theory. In this explanation, the liquid core or the planet in general should have frozen out long ago because of the supposedly enormous age of the planet. Mercury’s magnetic field is actually revealing a much younger age, which is in line with the Creationist model.

The latest observation of the magnetic field they found so surprising that it “knocked their socks off” sort of speak…

“Mercury’s magnetic field has a strong interaction with the solar wind, casting a long tail on the night side.  For a world that was thought to be too small and dead to possess a magnetic field at all, Mercury was shown to have a symmetric dipole field.  Furthermore, it is closely aligned with the rotation axis – another difficulty for theory.  In addition, atoms of magnesium, sodium and calcium were detected in the planet’s tenuous atmosphere.”

When scientists uses the term; “another difficulty for a theory” it means the data is not showing what a theory said it should be doing. Their particular work will include various explanations on how the data got different from the theory, but didn’t actually falsify the theory itself. The framework is limited and has been obviously falsified in this case, but their explanations are far from being limited.

On a site note, concerning magnetic fields. It has been reported that evolutionary scientists had firmly rejected just 10 years ago, has been falsified. A magnetic portal denied at one time, has been discovered. The portal opens every 8 minutes, allowing tons of high energy particles to flow through. It connects the Earth and Sun. Seems the magnetic related theories in evolutionary thinking has been taking a beating lately.

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