Oldest Hebrew Writings Discovered In Hirbet Qeiyafa

This is a pretty exciting discovery for Christians, the oldest Hebrew writing found to date is about 3,000 years old…‘Yossi Garfinkel, the Israeli archaeologist leading the excavations at Hirbet Qeiyafa, released his conclusions about the writing Thursday after months of study.

“The shard was found near the stairs and stone washtub of an excavated home. It was later discovered to bear characters known as proto-Canaanite, a precursor of the Hebrew alphabet.

The Israelites were not the only ones using the proto-Canaanite characters, and other scholars suggest it is difficult – perhaps impossible – to conclude the text is Hebrew. However, Garfinkel based his identification on a three-letter verb from the inscription meaning “to do,” a word he said existed only in Hebrew.”

“That leads us to believe that this is Hebrew, and that this is the oldest Hebrew inscription that has been found,” he said. -MH

This new discovering of finding the oldest Hebrew writings to date has some implications. Firstly, it’s important to the accurancy of the Biblical accounts of events. It gives physical evidence that in acient Israel you find literate people who could pass on the Word of God accurately, long before the Bible was complete.

The second implication, is the belief that Israel claims to the land as God-given in the modern era. While it’s true, the land they do now have, belongs to the Jews because of war, and purchasing the land. But the Jews hold no claim because David’s Kingdom used to be there. More on the the true Israel of God in my website.

“The fortified settlement where the writing was found contains indications that a powerful Israelite kingdom existed near Jerusalem in David’s time, says Garfinkel.

If his claim is borne out, it would bolster the case for the Bible’s accuracy by indicating the Israelites could record events as they happened, transmitting the history that was recorded in the Old Testament several hundred years later.”

Indeed, archaeology is a very important field to creationists, and to Christians in general. The very foundation in which we believe is being proven as time progresses. Hopefully more discoveries like this one which deals with the oldest Hebrew writings will surface as well!

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