Embryonic Stem-cell Law Goes To the Polls

In Michigan on November 4, voters will be going to the polls not only to elect a new President, but also vote on embryonic stem-cell research…

“Proposal 2 would add a constitutional amendment allowing embryonic stem cell research to the Michigan Constitution. The amendment would also prevent state and local regulation.

The proposal is aimed at overturning a 1978 Michigan law that criminalizes the use of embryos for research and is one of the five most restrictive in the nation. The 20-year-old law has effectively discouraged life-science research in the state.”

This means lawmakers wouldn’t be able to make laws restricting embryonic research, it would give proponents of this particular research a free reign. Concerns have surface over this issue including the business aspect of it…

Obviously the most important aspect of this proposal is not the free reign or possible corporations profiting by the proposal if passed, it’s human life. Generally the argument goes, the embryonic stem cells scientists want to use will be just thrown away so why not use them? These types of stems cells can be collected by other means. Two wrongs, don’t make a right.

“The initiative has “major significance” because presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama have both hinted that, if elected, they would loosen federal restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research, says Stephen Rapundalo, executive director of MichBio in Ann Arbor, a non-profit organization trying to drive growth of the life-sciences industry in the state” Nature

Much attention has been focused on Gov. Palin’s position on this type of research in which she opposes, but on the other hand, Sen. McCain is more in favor of allowing this type of stem cell research to expand. I would recommend Michigan voters to vote “no” on this proposal.

In England, it’s been a major issue as well. The House of Commons in that country after a bitter debate approved a law that would allow the use of animal-human hybrids for stem-cell research.

“Researchers are allowed to inject empty cow or rabbit eggs with human DNA and apply a burst of electricity to trigger the regular cell division that forms embryos. They then hope to harvest stem cells, after which the embryos will be destroyed.

“Scientists say the embryos would not be allowed to develop for more than 14 days and are intended to address the shortage of human eggs available for stem-cell research,” the Associated Press reported.” ICR

As highlighted in this blog with documented research, adult stem cells has shown tremendous progress and also shows more promise of treatments than embryonic stem cell research. McCain and Obama are wrong  and should not loosen restrictions on the embryo which is human life.

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