Data A Bit Confusing For Evolutionists With These Fossils

Jeffery Levinton who is from Stony Brook University, NY had written recently about the “Cambrian Explosion” which is one of most perplexing discoveries for evolutionists.

“First, Levinton noted that the sudden appearance of a vast array of fully-functional life forms in “Cambrian” rock strata is not the result of any known evolutionary process, though he provided several possible evolutionary scenarios using the words “might,” “perhaps,” “may,” and “speculate.”

Second, he also bravely admitted that the designated evolutionary time of arrival for the first animal life grossly conflicts with the extrapolated times given by “molecular clock” analyses, which use assumptions about DNA or protein sequence similarities between kinds to determine age.” ICR

The Cambrian rock strata has been a huge benefit for evidence that points to the creationist model, but a huge pain for the evolutionary hypothesis. Even when observational data doesn’t explain evolution, the array of filling in the gaps with storytelling becomes all too familiar. It’s a desperate attempt to try and reconcile  conflicting data.

“Evolutionary geologists have “dated” Cambrian rock at 542 million years. According to their model, which exclusively selects long ages and rejects otherwise legitimate young ages for rocks, the most radical diversification of life forms occurred within a “geological” blink of an eye near the lowermost sedimentary strata.

After a review of the fossil and molecular data, Levinton said, “The presence of genomic complexity, right at the dawn of bilaterian animal life [i.e., animals with bilateral symmetry], is inescapable.”

Simple forms of life evolving over long periods of time to more complex animals, is what the evolutionary model in biology is all about. Isn’t it not? But observation data from the Cambrian rock is undeniable and fairly obvious. It reveals a sudden complexity from the very beginning. Obviously evolutionists are now questioning the dating methods. “Either the molecular clocks are wrong, the rock dates are inaccurate, or both.”

Explanations are being created for the problem. But explanations in themselves are not evidence for factual data. The sudden appearence of complex life forms contained in the Cambrian rock confirms the Bibical account. There is no need for the creationist model to fill in gaps. Animals didn’t take millions of years to fully form nor is the Earth millions of years old. The animals which were discovered in the “Cambrian Explosion” were created right away as complex creatures.

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