Analysis of Evolutionary Explanations in Space

Space observation is very limited, for the most part it’s basically peering through a telescope. In some cases, unmanned spacecrafts like Cassini and Messenger have flown around planets like Saturn and Mercury to record data.  Mars has been slightly different. With an historical belief in aliens there, it’s been the main focus of trying to find life. So the terrain is being explored.

Evolutionary scientists have come across phenomena in space which they have no explanation for. So instead of sitting tight until the phenomena can be explained, these scientists proceed with story telling using acceptance mainly for proof that it’s somehow factual.

“The energy known to exist in the Universe, however, is not sufficient to cause such acceleration. Thus, the theory most widely accepted within the scientific community is that there exists a ‘dark energy’, i.e. an energy that we cannot detect except by the gravitational force that it produces. In fact, it is believed that 73% of the energy of the Universe is dark.

The dark energy debate is not just any theory: its existence has not been proved but, without it, standard models of physics would not be able to explain many of the phenomena occurring in the Universe.” Science Daily

This is the type of research this is really not objective, but rather subjective and I call this fraud because for one thing, it’s reasoning for creating such an unproven hypothesis in the first place. Well we need something to explain it, so we can explain the rest, they claim. That’s utter nonsense, and certainly not true science.

The article in science daily opens up with “we humans” think we know a lot about the Universe. While they may be true in some cases, however, a more accurate statement would be “we evolutionary scientists” think we know more than what we actually know. They can’t wait any longer to find the facts, so then they start creating so-called facts. This is known as; “naturalism of the gaps.”

Those students who are interested in this area, one must keep in mind the limitations of the research, and try not get into the frenzy of creating unproven stories (to fill in the gaps). If you can’t find the satisfactory scientific explanation, even if the vast majority around you are storytelling, one has to keep searching for viable answers that explains phenomena.

The universe is indeed a wondrous thing to behold as one looks at the night sky as one can see an array of stars and some planets. Even with the new discoveries, there is vast wealth of unknowns out there. Lots to discover and explore strange new worlds, perhaps humans will not get to understand it all, but we know one thing is for certain, it was created by God. To Him give the glory.


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