Political Special Interest Claims No Weakness In Evolution

A special interest group called; 21st Century Science Coalition wrote an opinion piece in response to the Texas State Board of Education revising the science curriculum standards for Texas public schools. In there they state the following…

“Unfortunately, evolution opponents are uninterested in updating the standards to reflect this expanded knowledge. They instead want standards that divert class time from this well-established scientific discipline to cover thoroughly discredited arguments about “weaknesses” of evolution.”

“For instance, they claim that an incomplete fossil record disproves evolution. Yet they ignore the millions of fossils (yes, millions) that clearly illustrate a history of evolution.”

I’ll get into the fossil debate in just a moment, but wanted to draw your attention to this particular comment which I find interesting and on target.

Daniel Bolnick, a leader of the pro-Darwin only “Texas 21st Century Science Coalition,” recently published an op-ed in the Waco Tribune which provides some good lessons on how to argue for “evolution” to the public: Be extremely dogmatic and vague about the evidence.” -Casey Luskin

Well now let’s take this fossil argument. According to Dr. Peter Wellnhofer, Curator of the Bavarian State Collection of Paleontology states; “I would say the specimen numbers go at least in the hundreds of thousands of years or close to a thousand or so, or something like that. So we have a farily good record of pterosaur fossils and pterosaurs fossils.”

So what does the fossil evidence say about these flying reptiles…

“When the pterosaurs first appear in the geological record, they were completely perfect. They were perfect pterosaurs.”  -Dr. Viohl, Curartor of the famous Jura Museum, Eichstatt Germany.

One has to wonder which fossils are the author in 21st Century Science Coalition talking about? Was he so pressed for space, that he couldn’t name a few fossils? No! It appears  they like to use massive volume for evidence without going into details, but that in itself is not evidence. Even other critics who are evolutionists themselves, don’t buy into the “massive volume” argument!

“Thousands of papers are published every year claiming evidence of adaptive evolution on the basis of computational analyses alone, with no evidence whatsoever regarding the phenotypic effects of allegedly adaptive mutations.” Evolutionary Biologist Drops Bombshell On Positive Selection

Evolution is based on faith in a maze of opening many gaps while filling very few of them. This particular  evolutionary biologist admits there is no evidence for positive selection, but yet he still believes in the concept. So if evolutionary scientists continue to believe in such unproven concepts, does that mean there is no weakness? Absolutely not! Nothing could be further from the truth.

None of their arguments they claim to be rebutting were even taught in the public schools with the allowance of teaching “weakness.” If there was, this same special interest group and others like it would of been in an uproar over it.

But the arguments in which they oppose has been conducted mainly outside the public schools. Legally that is, but even with court rulings against teaching creationism or ID, we know there are teachers in public schools around the country who present both sides (either creationism or intelligent design) but it’s only like 1-3 hours of class time which is hardly taking away time from other subjects.

Parents who pay taxes own the public schools better believe they have a say in the way children of being taught, more so than special interest groups who claim there is no weakness in evolution, it’s quite the contrary. While it’s true some of the members of special interests have kids of their own, average parents are not getting paid for their opinions nor are rewarded with government grants if their opinions are accepted.

Anyway, as new discoveries have been found, so does new issues crop up that show a weakness in the evolutionary hypothesis.


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