Barbara Forest: Religious Disclaimer Will Not Protect Critical Thinking

Last summer Louisiana passed a “critical thinking” bill that weakens a dogmatic stance on teaching evolution. The bill however, has strict language in it concerning religion as well…

“This Section shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine, promote discrimination for or against a particular set of religious beliefs, or promote discrimination for or against religion or nonreligion.” SB 733

Many special interest groups like the Louisiana Coalition for bad Science, oops I mean the Louisiana Coalition for Indoctrination, oops, I really meant the Louisiana Coalition for Science, there I knew I could do it…Groups like these have fought against the bill and lost. It was signed by the Governor and the school season is almost two months into the first semester of this bill.

Barbara Forest despite the strict language against promoting religious doctrine in the public schools, she and like some other liberals, still advocates it’s really a diabolical plot to advance religion in the public schools. She is basing her evidence on intelligent design groups like the Discovery Institute who supported the bill and the fact that the strict language against advancing any religion was included in the first place.

You can also find similar strict language prohibiting advancement of religious doctrine in the Academic Freedom Act and perhaps it’s main inspiration of placing such strict language in the SB 733 bill. It still in itself doesn’t make it a “plot” nor a false statement, if anything it makes it easier to sue the schools in hopes of either getting a settlement or a favorable ruling by the courts.

Barbara and others took the lost very hard. It’s quite clear, this will a first of a series of threats and baseless accusations (war of words) during the school year from her special interest group and others who support her position. So stayed tuned on this one!

The bill I believe, is the most balanced piece of legislation I have ever seen, and the strict language of prohibiting advancement in religious doctrine was a good idea. The government should not be in a position to teach about Scripture as it would be influenced by liberalism which promotes unsound doctrines of the faith.

Discussing specified complexity or irreducible complexity which is not written in any Bible text or any other religious text, would be proper. This is not teaching about religion, but science. It has a lot in common with the definitions of mechanics and architecture which I think these proposals could be based upon.  Whether or not, the public schools will teach about about these principles of complexity remains to be seen. But we do know for certain, evolution will be questioned more, and help understand the concept better rather than being indoctrinated by it. So stay tuned on this one also!

Science is not a tool to try and destroy Christianity or religion like militant atheists would like us to believe, rather it represents a structured discipline of systematic examination for the purpose of obtaining knowledge.

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