Evidence For A Global Flood Recorded In The Bible

One of the aspects we find in the Bible which can be confirmed by science is the flood. Many evolutionary scientists dispute it saying how could the population recover so quickly or there is not enough water to cover the earth. The funny thing is, many of these same scientists assume that Mars had a global flood or at least it was possible they say.

Now if the Bible is correct, there should be a mass reduction in the gene pool or what is known as a “bottleneck” gene pool. It makes sense, right? After all, the flood wiped out most of the population. If not, there should be no pattern of a major reduction in the gene pool, right?

The major reduction in gene pool comes from an unlikely source. Mitochondrial DNA is most accurate form of tracing ancestral lineage. This is because Mitochondrial DNA is only passed on from mother to child and doesn’t mix with the other parent’s DNA.

Now there were two studies which stated…

“The studies, published in the journal, Nature, paint a picture of a population of humans migrating off the African continent, and then shrinking at some point because of unknown adversity.” ABC News

The two studies actually confirm the Bible as humans in the Scriptures migrated from Africa and then reduced in numbers following a disaster.  Moving on to the strata evidence for the world wide flood which is recorded in God’s Word…

In a global flood, we should find material imported by the event at considerable range and variation at different locations. When looking for evidence, one expects to find the strata affected by the water flow which would produce a pattern made up of different pockets of strata.

This pattern is observed as bent and folded strata. So why would we expect to find bends and folds, and even tilts in the strata to find evidence for a flood? Because a global flood would put on an enormous amount of pressure on the earth’s crust.

This pressure would increase downward as the flood progressed with billions of tons of water, also causing some pressure upwards and sideways on non-flooded areas. The compression forces a buckling, bent and tilt in the strata. Compression forces also causes compression faults.

As the flood regresses to post flood levels, there is an imbalance of side pressure created. Not only that, the weight from the water moving off flooded levels creates an upward movement of tension, in the earth’s crust, tension faults are then created as well.

You would also see Marine life in non-marine areas, coal seams, a highly diversified fossil record in localized areas.  What is expected of a global flood, we find today such as Marine life (fossils) found in non-Marine life areas. We see where areas of bending, tilting, and folding strata all over the world in various degrees.

What about dinosaurs? How could these massive animals survive such a world-wide flood? Since I originally wrote this post new evidence has come to light. Published on June 21, 2009,  in the Zoological Society of London’s Journal of Zoology and reported in science daily states…

“Scientists have discovered that the original statistical model used to calculate dinosaur mass is flawed, suggesting dinosaurs have been oversized.”

This is quite a revelation considering this is one of the opposition’s main arguments that responded to my post. While it still is possible the Ark contained non-adult dinosaurs in order to fit them on the boat and survive, we are beginning to see new calculations of dinosaurs which make their size smaller which would have an major impact on available room as well, but either way, all the land animals, two of each kind were able to fit on the Ark.

11 thoughts on “Evidence For A Global Flood Recorded In The Bible

  1. Okay, you believe that Noah fit two of every plant and animal on an ark. Can you design a boat 300 cubits long, which could house all six species of rhinoceros (male and female), 60 species of rodent, 2,000 species of snake etc. Don’t forget to work out how the poor penguins managed to waddle up the entire length of Africa to make it to the boat on time.

    The sheer ridiculousness of such a proposition rather nicely demonstrates how astoundingly stupid this flood nonsense is.

  2. A worldwide flood is not depended upon how many animals you can fit in Noah’s ark as you are trying to assert, that’s a different argument. It appears you have no scientific basis for your argument.

  3. lol…Your one aspect about the Ark had nothing to do with with geology, also the gene pool is not “flood geology” either. Where did you get your numbers for the animals? The Ark was designed with three levels, enough room for 16,000 animals. Most of the animals you even mentioned are small in size. That’s how you fit all those animals. And you have no clue on how old the animals were, your assuming that they were all adults. Even the big animals when they are young are much smaller. So there you have it, how all those animals were able to fit in the Ark…

  4. Hey, I was going easy on you.

    I only mentioned the six species of rhino, 40 species of big cats (lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, etc.), or 8 species of bear. In fact, there are approximately 5,400 species of mammals known to science. And then there are ~10,000 species of birds, 7,900 species of snakes and lizards, 23 species of crocodile-related species, and 300 species of turtles. By my count, you need at least space for almost 32,000 animals.

    Don’t forget, unless they’re sleeping the whole time, you have to provide space for them to move about (have you ever been behind the scenes at a zoo?), and then you have to find some way to store food for all of them for a year, with all of the rooms already filled with occupants.

    Like I said, logically absurd to fit those animals for a day, much less a year.

    And you still haven’t explained how you’d get the penguins to waddle all their way to the ark in time for it to set sail.

  5. For the food, think of this: elephants eat about 50kg a day. Rhinos about the same. That’s 900kg a day for all the rhinos and elephants, or about 300,000kg (650,000lbs). I’m not sure about the hippos.

    I wonder how many livestock it would take to feed lions, tigers, wolves, and bears.

  6. Where did you get your count of animals? How old are these animals in which you say eat a lot? It’s not that much to feed two young tigers, and two young wolves, and even two young bears. Bears could be less of a factor as they tend to sleep during certain periods, if you know what I mean.

  7. Where did I get my count of animals? Googling various animal groups (mammals, reptiles, birds, and their subgroups). I’m a birdwatcher by hobby, so I’ve also long been aware that there are ~10,000 species of birds (a few more or a few less depending on which biologists you ask). Did you also know that there are at least 250,000 species of beetles known to science, much less the rest of the insects.

    Biodiversity on Earth is truly astounding. I know I’m repeating myself here, but fitting two of every species of animals on a boat is logically impossible. And then there’s the livestock needed to feed all of the carnivores, tons and tons and tons of hay to feed the herbivores. And the seeds to replenish plantlife.

    Think about it.

  8. A lot of impressive numbers. Did you consider the rate at which bug reproduce? Bugs do go dormant when needed. Not to mention they are expected to be the only to be alive after any world wide catastrophe aside from a targeted attack upon them specifically.

    Although the extremes of Evolution is an unprovable theory, the components (mutation, adaptation, natural selection, etc.) are proven fact. How do we know there were all these different species of anything at the time of the flood? Regardless it is obvious they were fruitful, and multiplied…lol.

    As far as penguins……I think God took care of them on his own. Last I heard ice floats. The only thing they eat are fish. I think they did just fine.

    Almost every culture has a world flood in their history. It may even be possible that Noah’s Ark was the intended vehicle for his specific region of the world. Even Jesus said he had to go to see “others that are not of this fold.” A statement of other folds? And we thought the 12 in Israel were the only ones. Ancient Americans thought the Spanish were gods based on what they have as a description of a god. Didn’t Jesus have a beard? Much like religion today theirs may have been twisted throughout time to have forgotten the ways of an earlier people. Modern Egypians hardly know squat of the time of the Pharaohs not to mention the earlier empire discovered under the Sphinx. Perhaps Jesus was talking about them when he made his statement. If true then they may have had their own version of an Ark in thier past that saved those species. Other regions around the world may have the same history. Which would explain all the similar yet different accounts worldwide.

    If God is the god of the entire world then that means there’s more to him than just the Middle East. His sum is not confined to one book that consists of a partial historical account about one area of the planet.

    Just a theory, but it beats your penguin arguement.

  9. “A lot of impressive numbers. Did you consider the rate at which bug reproduce? Bugs do go dormant when needed. Not to mention they are expected to be the only to be alive after any world wide catastrophe aside from a targeted attack upon them specifically.”

    I’m not quite certain where your going with your opening statement but I already know your motivation, but as far as insects are concerned that survived during the global flood (Noah’s flood) was on floating mats which were made out of tangled vegetation, as seen today after severe storms. So there is really no need to consider the rate of insect reproduction…I suspect you never even thought about such an observation, more or less just trying to attack those like myself who firmly believe that there is factual evidence for a worldwide flood on Earth, some 4500 years ago.

    Genesis 7:22, the Flood wiped out all land animals that breathed through nostrils except those on the Ark. But insects don’t breath through nostrils rather they breath through tiny pores. So yes, many insects were expected to survive the global flood.

    Didn’t Jesus have a beard?
    You asked, there is no actual description of what Jesus actually looked like in the Scriptures when He walked the Earth during His first coming. The physical description given of Jesus is the same thing many evolutionists do with historical science, they tell stories and call it “creative science.” But it’s factually not accurate.

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